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  1. vivekrules

    Need Help Urgently !

    ello .. one of my friend havin a project on " design a system for a library with manual database" she have to write an essay on this topic... if any one can help me out 4 this. .i ill be very thankful. to him or her.. plz help me itz urgent.. caz she have 2 submitted her project soon...
  2. M

    I want information about SDLC

    I wanna best information for preparing my assignment of SDLC - "System development life cycle." Can anyone can provide it to me. Urgently.
  3. Manshahia

    how to back up Nokia 6708 contacts??

    Can anyone plz help me in getttin backup of Nokia 6708.. need the sol urgently..
  4. A

    k750i for sale

    hi guys i wanna sell my k750i with 512 mb card + the ear plug+ charger.... it's 1 month old.. it has got few scrathes on the glass.. only in bangalore.. i wanted money urgently as i'm gonna buy 790i.. sorry i don have any other phone to post the snaps.. price expected- 5.5k one more...
  5. vish786

    drivers for TVS printer

    does someone hav drivers for "TVSE MSP 40" printer model, or some site, so could download it. plz share it, i need it urgently.
  6. nik_for_you

    Urgent: Financial calculator

    Hi, Can anyone tell me where i can find financial calculator in mumbai. I need to buy it urgently. also what wud be its tentative cost? thanx in advance
  7. piyushp_20

    Intel 845GVSR drivers required

    hi guys can anyone please tell me from where can i get the driver CD of intel 845GVSR motherboard. i need them urgently.
  8. V

    JAVA Pattern ???

    I want to generate the above pattern or series in JAVA...please help?? very urgently required Thank You
  9. satyamy

    Urgent Help........Fonts

    Pls help me urgently I need some fonts 1) EricRighthand 2) Elegant 3) TheSans Pls help me urgently or if you have mail me the fonts at satyamay2002@yahoo.co.in Pls help...........
  10. Garbage

    Drivers needed for Acer MX4GVR-GN(P) Mobo

    hello ! I just formatted one of my friend's PC. After formatting he tell me that he don't have motherboard driver's CD. So...... I need the drivers urgently for Acer MX4GVR-GN(P)..... Please give a link.
  11. Manshahia

    Yahoo Blocked??

    Hi guys in our college yahoo has been blocked by the administrator. Can i access it now using any proxies?? Helpl rqrd urgently.
  12. N

    Php Get

    When a person enters a url such as abc.com/index.php?id=10, how do you return the url to the browser? Urgently needed. Please Help. :confused:
  13. coolendra

    Cant find a thread..... Help needed...

    Well ... few days back i came across a thread consisting of a through description of various price lists of different computer peripherals.... can ye pla help me trace it.... needed urgently !!!!!..... if u can PM me the list it willl be very helpful.... thanx.....
  14. S

    any one can help matlab problem urgently?

    plz advise
  15. S

    Xp pro: Hibernation Problem

    guys, when i resume my pc from hibernation and do nothing, it hibernates automatically after some time, please is there any way to stop it, i need help urgently
  16. Tech Geek

    Counter strike condition zero hellllp

    Without uninstalling i just directly deleted folder where it was installed. Now i am not able to install it again. It says some exe not found. I need help urgently.:(
  17. S

    How to get a rapidshare Premium account(of course without paying) ?

    I heard some rapidshare premium accounts were available for free .... is it still available? If so, how do I get one...i need it urgently!
  18. N

    Orkut In Mobile

    Is there anyone who opens Orkut in ur mobile,if yes which browser do u use,my mobile is Nokia 6630,and need help urgently.
  19. ArZuNeOs

    32 bit progs????on 64 bit Win Xp Pro

    Guys I got a doubt I got a ori Win xp 32 bit ....can I use it on a 64 bit procc If I get a WIn xp 64 bit....can I use my old 32 bit progs on it ...is it possible & one more doubt Is D 930 a 64 bit....how can one overclock it can U help me urgently
  20. Official Techie

    bluetooth assembler

    i want to know about bluetooth assembler and what does it do i need info urgently
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