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  1. J

    Advice sought for deleted folders

    Dear friends, I am from Kolkata. I had two parallel 4 TB external HDDs mounted on a laptop. One fine morning while I booted the machine up windows 8.1 showed a blue screen but recovered on it's own. After that incident in both the EHDDs few very important subfolders went missing from one...
  2. piyush2903

    PCI e cable required

    Hi, I need to buy 2 X (6+2) PCI-e cable for connecting my Graphics card(Gigabyte GTX 970 Windforce) to PSU(MII12 Evo 750). Can anyone suggest we where I can buy it online or offline in hyderabad. Please do suggest I need it urgently.
  3. R

    Urgently needed 2 TB. internal hard drive

    Hi friends, Urgently needed a 2TB drive for desktop. Main purpose is gaming. I will also install os in that drive. WD blue is not available anywhere in local shops. Only green @ 5300 and purple @5700 and red is available. All are 5400 RPM drive I think. 7200 RPM is available in...
  4. R

    Need urgently Bluetooth headphones over the ear under 10,000

    Hi Guys, I want to buy need urgently Bluetooth headphones over the ear under 10,000 to maximum 12,000 which I can buy from eCommerce site. Will listen EDM, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Metal & Trans.
  5. S

    [Want to Buy] Psu 500w or 550w urgently

    Pm me offers
  6. A

    Lenovo Y500/Y510P at Nehru Place

    Hey Guys, Can the guys who stay in Delhi and have bought the Y500/510P form Nehru Place tell me about the shop/list of shops which sell this laptop ? Need this info urgently as I am going to buy this lappy sometime in the next week. Thanks In Advance, Abhijit
  7. S

    urgently need mouse within 600-700 rs !!!

    i need mouse urgently within 600-700rs.............. casual use + gaming !! .....also cheaper mouse pad pleass...withn 200-300rs ASAP......!!!
  8. yash2006

    [Want to Buy] WTB- graphic card like ati 5770 or 6770 urgently

    i WTB- graphic card like ati 5770 or 6770 urgently.. any body wants to sell one, pm me ..i need it urgently...
  9. C

    Urgently need new long range router

    I urgently need a router for my home (2000 sqft 2 floors)... It needs to be long range... The current one I have (Huawei WA1003A) is not good enough for signal strength in many parts of the house... I would like a router with inbuilt modem... My budget is around Rs. 4k If possible, I...
  10. R

    New Lenovo. Zero Brightness

    I bought a new lenovo G580, Just started up and was tinkering with settings and set brightness to minimum. now I cannot see anything. please help Urgently
  11. gdebojyoti

    Urgently require free online study material

    Can anyone suggest me some good online study material (preferably text) on the following topics? 1. Data Structures using C 2. Microprocessors - a. 8085 b. 8086 3. Control System Engineering - a. Routh's criteria b. Root locus c. Polar plot d. Nyquist plot e. Bode plot...
  12. M

    Pontifex bridges

    Pls provided me designed brige files of pfxdemo game . I need them urgently mail me at manishrpvv@gmail.com
  13. nikku_hot123

    Need a color printer within 5k

    hey guys i want a color printer within 5~5.5 k. please give your suggestions urgently..
  14. P

    How to install Windows 7 in my Ubuntu laptop?

    Hi friends, Please let me know how do I install Win 7 on Ubuntu...I donno anything about ubuntu and even if Ubuntu is lost i don care..plz guide me urgently.. thanks Priyanka
  15. kartikoli

    HTC Wildfire S going cheap

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:HTC Wildfire S - Full phone specifications Expected Price: Rs 9,200/- shipped Time of Purchase: 20 Dec. 2011 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 9 Months Reason for Sale: need cash urgently Purchase Invoice Available: Yes Product...
  16. N

    Desktop Internal

    Urgently require Internal desktop 160,250,320,500 GB/ 1 Tb drive with warranty
  17. arjoonpk

    urgently need buying tips on vaio cb35

    urgently need buying tips on sony vaio cb series(new vpccb35fn) planning to buy it in 2 days... need 2 know if its vulnerable 2 any complaints like low sound problems or insensitive touchpad etc( hv heard simlar complaints on vaio e series laps )... lap specs r: Intel® Core™ i5-2430M...
  18. T

    AMD II X4 640 mobo ???????

    hi guys i need a motherboard to overclock my 640 my current motherboard M68MT-S2P is not able to overclock the cpu (tho it has the overclocking setting in the bios) i have a tight budget of 2.5k to 3k pls i want is urgently
  19. S

    c2d pc under 20k

    I have a dell xps 15 but as my sister recently join a it coacing so that we urgently need a pc under 20k. Plz help us. Processor must be from intel.
  20. arsenalfan001

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

    1. Model number and details: Sony Ericsson LT15i or Xperia Arc - silver black color. With whole box, containing the mobile, charger + usb cable, hdmi out, 8GB card, bundled original headphone, bill, manuals 2. Date of purchase:08-04-2011 3. Reason for sale: Need cash urgently 4. Warranty...
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