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  1. yomanabhi

    Plz help in purchasing PC components , Need reply urgently

    Hey Guys, I am buying CPU components like Ram, motherboard, processor, graphic card by Saturday (27/11/10) That why i need your reply urgently. I have questions to ask you. I have budget for all these is Rs 20,000/- and for graphic card Rs 2000 to Rs 3500. I going to use my pc for multimedia...
  2. C

    Want a 3G USB Modem

    I am from Pune, I have BSNL Sim (3G activated), need a GSM / EDGE / GPRS / HSDPA / UMTS / HSUPA USB modem urgently. Why uptil now Digit has not tested 3G usb modems? need help.
  3. stonecaper

    [URGENT]0xc0000001 ERROR in New PC Please help

    Hi, When I Started to install Windows 7 on my new PC after coming from shop,i got this error 0xc0000001 winload.exe missing or corrupt please help i urgently neeed it by friday PS - bios shows RAM,HDD,DVDrw
  4. anurag100

    Hey guys help me

    I need some innovative seminar topics in electronics. I need them urgently ....Please if someone can provide them I'll be so grateful to you Thanks in advance
  5. K

    Help ! It's urgent

    Hello. I need to buy "512MB Cisco NPE 400". I found http://www.approvedciscomemory.com from Google search engine. This website is selling the CISCO PRODUCTS on a very cheap rates. What's your advice, should I buy? I need it very urgently...
  6. Dangerous Dave

    Driver needed urgently

    I need UMAX Scanner Astra 5600/5650 Driver for Windows 7. I am not able to find it please help me.
  7. Dangerous Dave

    Motherboard for Q6600

    hello. I need a motherboard for my Q6600 processor. Budget = 5k and I need to buy urgently. P45 chipset preferred. Thank you. :)
  8. S

    want to buy a Digital Camera

    Dear friends... please help me for buying a Digital Camera. what i need is, it should have 10X optical Zoom and 7MP or more. My budget is not much (around Rs. 12000 or may be i can extend something). Brand should be recognized. Please help me as i need a digital camera urgently.
  9. I

    Need a simple project in VB, urgently

    I need a simple and short project in Visual Basics containing some forms and tables on MS access, not SQL. I have to present it to the college, so it should look complete and related to something like inventory control or anything else. Actually i need it very urgently, so i am asking if anyone...
  10. shootingspy

    Urgent Information Required

    Hi to All Proud to be in this community :smile: I wanna ask a question regarding installation of WinXP-X64 or WinVista-X64 My present configuration is as under:- Processor:- Intel Core2Duo E7400 @ 2.8Ghz M/B :- Intel DG35EC RAM :- Kingston 2*2GB DDR2 800FSB Graphic Card :- MSI...
  11. A

    Query in MS Access

    Please tell me anybody how to create query for formula of date difference. I need it urgently to calculate to find out net service of employees in MS Access. Regards
  12. A

    Urgently need a Mobile Phone <9k..

    I need to buy a new mobile phone with the following features: 1) Good Camera (with flash and autofocus) 2) Nice Music 3) Sleek Design(Most Important) 4) Various connectivity features like 3G, Edge nd all 5) Easy to use keypad 6) Min 2" display screen Plz give your suggestions
  13. vamsi_krishna

    VERY URGENT : manually fromated vista on xp

    hello, my name is vamsi. I use to run microsoft windows vista home basic on my pc along with my windows xp sp3, now the problem is i have manually formatted the windows vista drive in windows xp accedentally. i haven't shutted down the pc. when i shutdown will i get any boot...
  14. cooldip10

    WINRAR-- need HELP Urgently!!

    Hi guys.. I somehow forgot password of the RAR file which I downloaded from net a year ago. Now I am unable to retrive it from anywhere.. Tried searching for programmes which can break the password.. But futile. Can anybody help.. I need the file very very urgently..
  15. thewisecrab

    Need Business Card Scanner on HTC Touch.....

    Hi guys I'm Urgently in need of any software (preferably freeware:),but shareware would also do:() that can be used as a business card scanner on HTC touch with windows mobile 6.0 with the help of the 2.0 megapixel camera that is provided Google searches didnt turn up relevant results This is...
  16. hrushij


    Hey friends I need your tricks urgently. In Old sony ericssion phone BSNL SIM works fine. BUT new gifted from london one wont do it.. It always sends a message when switched ON and after that message sending fail notice comes. And I can receive message on it BUT can't Send/Receive Calls...
  17. E

    CD drive not visible - Please help!

    Dear all, When i click on My Computer, i am unable to see the CD Drive icon. However when i load CD in the tray it functions but i cannot run any non autoplay CD's. Can somebody please help me urgently with this?? Thanks
  18. DigitDonz

    Where to get a forum

    Please answer this, I have already opened a thread regarding this but with no response - Can any one tell where to get a new forum just like digit forum - my Client needs it urgently... pls help..
  19. NoasArcAngel

    Urgent Help For Gaming Mat!!!

    hey fellows please recommend a gaming mat for 3-4k range urgently and quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. smile

    Help Urgently

    HI.....Everyone:) When i click Start- Help and support.....its not opening....just a busy cursor and thats it.....what is the problem????:confused:
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