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I have the sc key logger on my system, I found it via trend micro online scanning. It says its non-cleanable.I dowloaded about 5 spyware softwares and only 1 detected it even after updating them. When I removed the spyware when I re-scan its still there. When I tried to safe mode, the screen just freezes when the drivers are being loaded.
Please help!


Download HijackThis and unzip it to dedicated folder (like C:\HijackThisFolder\hijackthis.exe).
Then run it and click the button Do a System scan and save log file. HijackThis will perform a scan and saves the log file as hijackthis.log in the same folder where it is installed and it also opens the file automatically.
Copy the entire contents of the file and post it here.


@Swatkat :
Do u think regmon is not equal to hijackthis ??

Coz Iam new to hijack this... I prefer to use regmon to see the same things or even filemon from sysinternals.

They also monitor file and reg settings if iam not wrong.
They too do the same kinda things which the proggie does ....

Clarify my questions ;)


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Regmon is used for different purpose .. It is used to compare the registry with a previous snapshot .. Usually used to find the altered keys ...
Hijackthis is used to find info about certain vital sections of registry and system config which spywares and malwares target ...
HijackThis dont moniter anything .. It just gives you a report of your system config ..


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i presume u cant uninstall it in the normal mode or in the safe mode since u cant go there itself !

so : first check if it is a start-up. if it starts up every time u boot. remove it from your start-up list. also if u can identify any of its processes in the task manager, kill them. it shouldnt remain in the memory.

then: try running updated ms antispyware, adaware, spybot, since they detects and remove most keyloggers successfully. :D
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