update cancelled, problems have arised - xbox 360


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i was connecting to live when it asked for some update. i said yes and it downloaded and installed 1 update. again it asked to update , and while it was i pressed B to cancel . now it is reading all my GAME dvd as Vedio dvd. also all my avatars are missing. i have followed all ur above steps but console is still that way. please help!!!!!!!!


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make sure you give a proper thread title next time instead of "help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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What problem? DVD's not playing? You didn't answer my first question. Was you console modded? If it was, then the latest dashboard update flashes your drive back to stock, meaning, it will no longer play your back-up DVD's and you'll have you re-flash it. If it's not modded, then check some other original discs and if all of them don't play, then get the console replaced from Microsoft.


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It goes against the rules of the forum.

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Any other legitimate queries or should I lock the thread?


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Very well then. First off, you need to have your original DVD drive key. If it your console's firmware was flashed by someone else, then you need to ask him for the drive key. As for the tutorials, visit Jungle Flasher

Download their tutorials. It's in-depth and very informative.
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