1. S

    Getting unwanted Calls

    I am getting annoying pre recorded message as unwanted calls everytime even after i am registered to DND. I tried calling 1909 and even sending SMS but sms aint getting accepted and calls are getting cancelled. How do i stop or complain to them.
  2. S

    Nokia Asha 305 Memory Full after Software update!

    I have updated the firmware of my Nokia Asha 305 and now unwanted apps are installed due to which internal memory of the phone is very LOW! Anyone here know how to uninstall/delete the unwanted app from the phone's internal Memory? I want to free up the Internal Memory!
  3. A

    cheapest way of stocking large amount of multimedia

    Hi My Multimedia exceeds those of 2tb. Mostly consists of hd series and movies. Now my prob is i need some cheap way of storing the ones which me or my friends might see like once a while. Have almost removed all unwanted stuffs. I think i might have to go for dvds backup. Any good offers for...
  4. mitraark

    Cheap Wireless Headphones

    I live in a hostel and i have to use Headphones with my PC [ public computer ] , since i have roommates. My current headphones are in a very pathetic condition owing to all the sadistic mishandling it had to suffer , and i can hardly hear from them after much adjusting of the wires. So i am...
  5. K

    Deleting unwanted bookmarks

    Hi Guys, How to delete unwanted BOOKMARKS on OPERA BROWSER(Version-11.52)?
  6. T

    Protecting Files on External HDD??

    I have a very basic and simple requirement and unable to find any good software or solution for the same: How to protect files present on a external HDD or USB from "unwanted access" and "accidental deletion" or "mischievous modifications"?? Thanks all. Cheers.
  7. I

    irctc tickets-print without ads

    While printing e-ticket from irctc website, the advertisements also appear in the printout. (what a waste of precious ink for the nation) I used IE and firefox and I could not eliminate the ads. I found a workaround today Use avant browser go to tools- and select-disable flash animations...
  8. E

    need help to black list call on Se K530I

    Few months back i bought a SE530i and now i noticed there is no way i call black list unwanted nos. i installed Se pc suite and i am not able to find out how to install some thing to it :( please help me , i am not at all into mobile phone stuff , all i do is talk :) now i need to...
  9. ashish_patel

    Clear Unwanted Items From Add And Remove

    Clear Unwanted Items From Add And Remove Run the Registry Editor (REGEDIT). Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Uninstall, and remove any unwanted subkeys under "Uninstall."
  10. P

    Internet Explorer virus

    When I surf on net, suddenly open unwanted site. Is it virus? How can I remove it
  11. devauniversal

    Harrased by Unwanted Bank calls ! Here the solution

  12. K

    How to remove Screensavers from system

    hi frnds, I want to remove screensavers from my system, I had tried it but them reppears again. How can I remove unwanted screensavers from my system. Thanks
  13. anandk

    the 2 second anti-spyware !!!

    ya, anyone tried freeware BAZOOKA Anti-Adware/Spyware !? the scan takes just around 2-3 seconds ! it can detect a multitude of spyware, adware, trojan, keylogger, etc, and if any malware is found, it tells you how to uninstall the potentially unwanted applications using simple step-by-step...
  14. LegendKiller

    Microsoft Windows defender(Beta 2)

    Windows Defender is a security technology that helps protect Windows users from spyware and other potentially unwanted software. Known spyware on your PC can be detected and removed. This helps reduce negative effects caused by spyware including slow PC performance, annoying pop-up ads, unwanted...
  15. iinfi

    HELP!!!! HELP!!!!!!! MS Word remove unwanted spaces!!HELP!!!

    i want to remove unwanted spaces between lines in MS Word. i have document which is around 50-60 pages big and there are a lot of unwanted spaces between lines. i wanna take a print out so i want to reduce the number of pages. how do i remove the unwanted spaces between lines? is there any...
  16. anandk

    WinPatrol 9.5 released. "get scotty' !

    WinPatrol 9.5 is out. for those of u who dont have 'scotty' the watchdog on your pc, i suggest u visit http://www.winpatrol.com/ and check out this useful program. :) It keeps an overall tab on your pc and notifies u immdtly of any changes in it. its helpful in Detecting...
  17. H

    How to delete unwanted items from the right click menu

    s there any way how can i delete unwanted items from right click menu.... for example i have installed windows media player as well as winamp. when i right click on a music file it gives me options like add to winamp's bookmark list add to sync list add to brun list... etc is there a...
  18. Gaurav


    A search toolbar named searchbar has appeared on my Internet Explorer's toolbar menu. I want to remove it safely without affecting my computer. I heard about a software to remove unwanted toolbars in IE. Can anyone help me how to remove that stupid toolbar.
  19. mohit

    Tracks Eraser

    hey guyz plz suggest the best FREE internet tracks eraser software which can also erase all my unwanted temp files and all histories of most of the programs installed.
  20. F

    Attacked by Virus

    I think my computer is affected from virus. I have tried norton and ad aware to remove the virus but could not. when i open task manager i can see many unwanted processes running. please see the screen shot.help me to deepam.patel@gmail.com[/img]
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