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  1. I

    Find every files on your Pc by Editing regedit

    When you search for a file in Windows (choose Start, Search, For Files or Folders, or press <F3> in any Explorer or folder window to open the search pane), Windows searches only for file types it recognizes. Files that aren't listed in the 'Registered file types' list are ignored (to view this...
  2. satyamy

    Card Reader

    My Friend bought a New Mobile 6681 he also has 6600 now he need a card reader so i was searching about card reader but did'nt understand abt it What types of card reader are their? i found on net 512mb card reader, MMC, SD Card reader, USB Card Reader, DVRS MMC, and many more he need one...
  3. soham

    Partition Manager

    Guys, please suggest a good partition manager which is simple to use and supports all major types of partitiop as has a simple interface as well.
  4. techtronic

    HDTV Buyer's Guide

    Introduction Are you ready to take the HDTV plunge but don't know where to start? Well, prices are dropping swiftly in just about every HDTV category and there are plenty of types and sizes from which to choose. In this article we will take a closer look at the current HDTV universe: basic...
  5. nithinks

    Some BLOG related queries...

    hello members, i have some questiond related to blog... -Can we write the articles.. referring to some online sources? -On what basis the popularity of a blog depends upon? -Will Google adsense accept the applications from any type of blog? -Can we mix the different types of topics? -Can...
  6. V

    .emp files

    Dear ALL, How to play .emp file & which player is support these types of files please reply Vijay
  7. sree_shan

    File Types CD player supports

    i want to know the video file types supported by the home CD player... as i want to burn some movies for my CD player, so that i can watch them in my TV :D ... so someone plz tell me the types of files supported by the home CD player.:(
  8. M

    Cannot open any folder or drive

    I followed the tutorial to change the icons of the file types given here: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/setup/learnmore/sawyer_03june30.mspx I changeed the icon for the Drive And Filefolder file types from the folder options as given.But after that ,whenever i clicked on the drive...
  9. V

    Clustering using Linux.

    Can anyone suggest me websites, links or tips which tells how to set up clustering in linux. I am doing a project to implement various types of clustering using Linux.
  10. gaurav_indian

    From where I can get Winamp skins....

    Guys I have got a very good winamp skin.My friend gave it to me(but he forgot from where he got that skin).I want to ask you is there any site from where I can get these types of cool winamp skins.See the screenshot below :-
  11. C

    drum printer??

    what is a drum printer? How exactly does it work, and how is it different from the other types of printers?
  12. tiblu

    Difference Between DVI & D-Sub

    hey guys just thinking of what's the difference between dvi and d-sub i wanted to buy samsung 740 lcd 17'' monitor. but it comes in two types 740N with dsub and 740B comes with dvi which gives better performance.
  13. S

    Midi Songs Format

    Please Tell Me About Midi Formats.. Is It Only For Instrumentals Or All Types Of Songs ??
  14. S

    Which Game is for me ?

    Hi , I have 1gig of ddr333 ram . onboard i915G graphics. Will these games run on my system. 1.Burnout 2.Prince of persia Two thrones 3.Matrix . THe path of neo. I love nfs racing types . Can you suggest me some games that i may like ? And i dont mind running in low res and low settings...
  15. A

    Where from i can get good MS Access Tutors?

    I'm interested in learning MS Access. I've some sound knowledge in making tables, types of queries, types of forms and reports. but don't have much idea about macros and modules. (to be frank, i'm not knowing any programming). Can U please advise where from i can get good course material in web...
  16. P


    can anyone help me in creating steganography by providing source codes...or any type of programming help to create all types of steganography...
  17. A

    Need help with IIS 6

    My friend's web server is running IIS 6 on Windows 2003. The thing is that IIS 6 restricts the file types that can be downloaded from the server. Like .zip can be downloaded, but .cue can't, .bin can be downloaded but .nfo can't etc. I was able to set the file that can be downloaded by...
  18. V

    help please in running a game from bit torrent

    i have downloaded a game from bit torrent how do i run it??? the file types are of these types pcg-b2fs.001 to there are 25 such
  19. R

    How to check if Venice core in AMD?

    How can i ensure that the AMD 64 XP 3000+ i am going to buy has a venice core? What is the advantage of this core over other types?
  20. C

    RIM mobile for 3500

    RIM mobile for 3500 I want to buy a RIM mobile which has 1) 4K or 65K colours 2) a price tag of around Rs. 3500/- 3) Has R-World Can anybody tell me what are the models available with these features.Also what are the types in which RIM prepaid vouchers come.
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