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  1. S

    appeal to geeks - looking for something special

    appeal to geeks - looking for something special Dearest of geeks and super geeks... I am back...had a tough last week...had too much job pressure... Can i dare to ask one thing: Where can in INDIA (most happy if i can have in kolkata) can we purchase easily all types of surveillience...
  2. q3_abhi

    Which type of PC's do u have?????

    Which of these types??? For games specially anyone???? Why do u prefer the type of Pc's u have voted???
  3. D

    Freeee Software for sony ericsson j200i

    where can i get free softwares for sony ericsson j200i. doees any one here have this phone's softwares(All Types)
  4. M

    6 year old 44x CD-ROM Blues .....

    I have an AMD K6-2 350Mhz, 128MB Ram and a 44X CD-ROM. I had installed Windows XP Home Edition on an NTFS partition as a trial. After 30 days, which required activation. I formatted back to FAT32 and installed good ol' Windows 98 SE. But now my CD-ROM is acting wierd. I reads all types CD's...
  5. R


    Is it possible to have a domain like www.rajrules.net for free ? If yes...How and where ? I have heard of redirection !!! WELL... How can I redirect a visitor to a site like raj.where.com if he types www.rajrules.net ?
  6. A


    CAN any one tell me the types of rams ? ddr ram ,sdram , VRAM DVRAM all the types what does ddr400 means ?
  7. U

    System Overlocking.

    Hi friends ! 1]What is system overlocking? 2]Which software should i use to overlock all types of hardware in my system?Tell me both freeware & shareware
  8. N

    Suggest a good Burning Program

    Suggest some good free burning programs that can burn to all types of media and all types of media and are still free. Thanx in advance.
  9. tuXian

    Help Urgent : Domain name not working with www prefix

    A domain name is working when the URL is typed as http://domain.com the moment u type it as www.domain.com it doesnt show up. But the A records are for both the types i.e with and without www. Then why its not working? BTW the first A record is for without www and the next one is with...
  10. M

    geeks invited for suggestions

    i want to know that are there the CPU variants for P4 3.0 . are they are available in the two types of configurations 478 mpga and 775 lga.i want the details about this .
  11. V

    Suggest Gaming PC Config.

    Planning to buy PC for Gaming... Should I go for AMD or Intel... Suggest some nice configration for both types of PC with approx price
  12. Yoda

    Gamepad or Joystick which one suite for diff. types of Games

    Hi, I want to buy either joystick or Gamepad. But there are different types of Games. Like, RACING Games (NFS--UG2,NASCAR,Road Rash,Bike Race...) STRATEGY Games(Commandos,Age of Empires...) Action Games(Quake 3,Unreal Tornament 2004 etc..... Other type of Games(FIFA...
  13. F

    RAM ???? D ques is ........ VICH 1 ????

    HEY GUYS ! TELL ME D DIFFERENCE BETWEEN D VARIOUS TYPES OF RAM AVAILABLE IN D MKT I WANTED AN UPGRADE, n when i go to d store 4, i was asked as to vich type of ram i wanted. m so damn confused ! :oops: :? gimme an explaination plz ? :roll: Also tell me, wat all types r...
  14. techno_funky

    D.O.T (dynamin overclocking technology) whts it?????

    hi people well recently bought a MSI geforce FX card installed the driver in the properties menu i got this tab well i know abt the overclocking but wht abt those diffrent types of ?? private sergents etc what are these any answers please do answer thanks
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