1. T

    Laptop turning off by self

    Lamy dell inspiron n5010 is turning on for a few mins and then suddenly it turns off. Fan makes noise like it seems its rotating fast.
  2. T

    Cabinet not turning on

    I have an assembled PC at my home. I was out for work and when I came back, mum told me she heard a blasting sound with smell emanating from the desktop PC. When I tried turning on, the CPU wouldn't start. Monitor is ok, it starts up fine. I took the power cord of monitor and used it for Cabinet...
  3. mitraark

    Laptop suddenly turning off in 2-3 mins

    My Dell laptop is giving this weird problem. After turning it On, it suddenly turns off after 5-10 minutes use. After this, when I turn it on again, it turns off in less than 2-3 minutes,barely reaching the home screen. I turned it On today after 1 week, and it ran for 30+ minutes. But then it...
  4. Flash

    Apple gets design patent on virtual page turning, but doesn't own the page turn!!

    The US Patent and Trademark Office issued a new design patent to Apple on electronic page turning last week, and it's certainly a bizarre one, but it's not as menacing as some have reported. Apple doesn't now own the page turn. While US patent D670,713 isn't exactly a narrow patent, there are...
  5. darkv0id

    PC not turning on after abrupt shutdown

    So, yesterday I was just surfing the net on my PC when it shut down abruptly, just like in case of a power cut. The monitor and speakers, however, stayed on And the PC isn't turning on since then. I can't hear any "beep" either. A few times the lights turned on a for second before they turned...
  6. P

    How is Nokia101

    hi friends, I am planning to buy Nokia 101 but when I read the reviews in Flipkart, people are saying that it has coverage problems, low volumes during the calls and speaker turning on while talking.....is this all true??? Any 101 users here who can help me out??? Thanks, Priyanka
  7. D

    Problem with Sapphire HD 6770

    Guys i bought a new Graphics card for my pc Sapphire HD 6770 i was using nvida xfx 7300 GT b4r when i switched it No siginal is comming from my new Sapphire HD 6770 to monitor :( and monitor is not turning on :( i have a good Power supply [new crosair 500watts] connected with 6 pin...
  8. heartripple

    Computer is not turning on beep code error

    I have given my old rig to my friend and it is as shown below AMD Athlon 4200+ Asus M2NMX Sony DVD writer Zion 800 Mhz 2GB RAM Seagate 80 GB HDD For past few days he is facing a problem> When he tries to turn on the pc one long and followed by two short beep continues that...
  9. jkultimate

    PC turning off suddenly when doing this

    Ok, my Pc is turning off when I convert a video of sizes some gigs. Or when I cut some videos. Software used for converting is Total Video Converter full version. The CPU usage becomes 100% in both cores and about in some seconds pc will turn off. I scanned for any viruses, but not a single...
  10. Prince Sinha

    CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad & Date and Time not set

    Whenever I turn my computer on then a message displays that CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad Please press F4 to run setup CMOS Date and Time not set I am struggling by this problem from 9 months. I checked all BIOS configuration and I found no problems. I even formatted all drives 3 times then also...
  11. Faun

    Happy birthday tarey_g and others

    happy birthday guys :p Just happened to see tarey_g in the list of people turning 24. Enjoy the wisdom of this age.
  12. P

    Resident evil 4 mouse aim patch problem

    I run this game via 3d analyzer on intel 945g chipset by turning "emulate hw t&l " option on. Works wonder with awesome fps. Now if i use mouse aim patch then what should i do? I am executing loader.Exe from 3danalyzer nd turning on the manual fix (for 3d analyzer) coming on screen. But...
  13. A

    booting problem

    hi frnds plz help me..i am having window xp sp2 in my compuer(c2d 2.66,4 gb ram) i have installed window on last Friday n it was working fine but my sis told me that one time it didnt boot...when i checked it quick heal live cd everything was ok...than i installed registry booster n found 209...
  14. S

    BIOS Boot failure

    Hi!!! I accidently corrupted my motherboard's BIOS while resetting my password. I did not remove the CMOS battery, before changing the jumpers. As a result, i am stuck with a motherboard, that emits two beeps and then keeps quiet. Even my monitor doesnt display anything. I tried removing and...
  15. iMav

    Bioscientists use photoshop to fake results

    "Researchers often use Photoshop to clean up the images they produce in the laboratory. If the experiment didn't go quite right, a bit of tampering can make a gel look like things did work. Editors at Science, Nature, and other journals are turning into detectives, using new tools to hunt for...
  16. A

    Disconnecting Modem without turning off power!

    Hello friends ! Can someone please instruct me how to disconnect my modem [SmartAX MT882] without turning off the power switch or telephone cable.I would like to know if anything can be done after logging into this page using a browser or not. And would that sort of a...
  17. max_demon

    Pandoraaaaa :(((

    :(:(recenntly (today ) i tried to pandorized the battery but :((( the PSP is showing only green lite now and not turning on HELP ME PLEASE :((
  18. bkpeerless

    soldier of fortune 3 not working

    i cant play sof 3 its installing but when i am clicking to play the screen is turning black all i can hear is sounds. i have latest driver of nvedia(given by digit).. hlp plz
  19. alsiladka

    Nokia fan switching to SE! Give advice!

    N95 : Samir Edition - A completely different league gadget! Check out these excellant apps and videos of the apps coming soon from the extremely talented french developer - SAMIR 1. Rotate Me 2 2. NokMote 3. ShutUp 4. YTPlayer Guys, watch the videos for sure. Specially...
  20. R

    PC 'turn on ' automatically .

    whenever I am turning on my UPS , my PC gets started . Yes I am havent touched any cabinet buttons still . but just turning on my UPS to start it . but after that its got problem . PC starting but without any beep sound . and then nothing is on the monitor and its get blinking . I am very amazed...
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