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Honor View20 FAQ

Here's everything you need to know about the latest flagship from Honor

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Question: Does Honor View20 support 5G technology?
Answer: There is not 5G support in Honor View20.
Question: What are all the Sensors available in Honor View20 ? Does it comes with IRIS scanner & IR Blaster?
Answer: Honor View20 has all the sensors Fingerprint Sensor, Compass/ Magnetometer, Gyroscope, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer & of course the IR Blaster but not IRIS Scanner.
Question: What's the USB-C version on Honor View20 ? Does it supports USB on the go?

Answer: USB - C v3.1 and of course, Honor View20 supports USB On-The-Go.
Question: Does Honor View20 comes with 3.5mm headphone jack?

Answer: Yes! Honor View20 has 3.5mm jack, placed top of the smartphone.
Question: How's the sound quality in 3.5mm jack?

Answer: Honor View20 gives great clarity and loudness, with Huawei Histen 3D audio technology brings the experience of live music to the Honor devices.
Question: How's the speaker performs?
Answer: Honor View20's loud enough so you can hear it in a noisy areas.

Question: Does Honor View20 have video call feature in dialer?
Answer: There is no Video call support yet.
Question: Does Honor View20 comes with Night Mode or Eye comfort mode?

Answer: Of course, Honor View20 comes with TÜV Rheinland’s Low Blue Standard Certification. That means the phone emits less blue light to help protect your eyes.
Question: Does Honor View20 support one hand UI?
Answer: Yes
Question: Is it possible to uninstall or disable pre-installed apps on the handset?
Answer: Yes, you can uninstall or disable some pre-installed apps, but not all.
Question: Does Honor View20 comes with any kind of IP ratings?
Answer: No, hence Honor View20 is not waterproof or dust proof.
Question: Does Honor View20 support App lock?

Answer: Yes, Honor View20 does supports app lock
Question: Does Honor View20 support Dual apps or Apps Clone?
Answer: Yes, Honor View20 does support Clone App or Dual app feature, So you can run two Whatsapp or two Facebook account on a single device!
Question: Does Honor View20 supports Dolby Atmos?
Answer: No, Honor View20 doesn’t have Dolby Atmos support.
Question: Does Honor View20 has split screen feature?
Answer: Yes Honor View20 supports Multi windows or split screen feature.
Question: Does Honor View20 have FM app?
Answer: No, FM radio is not available on this device.

Question: Does Honor View20 support VR apps and VR Gear?
Answer: Yes, Honor View20 does support Virtual Reality (VR) apps, Magic AR with dedicated 3D TOF sensor.
Question: What are accessories to try out in Honor View20?
Answer: Dock, Protective Film, Game pad, 360 cases etc


Question: Does Honor View20 supports Full HD Streaming?
Answer: Honor View20 does support Widevine L1, you can enjoy all your streaming services in HD with All-View display.
Question: What are the benefits of Punch Hole camera screens? Does it can be hidden like the notch?
Answer: The status bar is continuous so a greater number of notification icons should be visible, and they’re less intrusive when playing games or watching videos. Of course you hide it in the 'Notch' menu settings.
Question: What are the Capsule features in Honor View20?

Capsule Caller -
Display call duration in style.


Capsule Selfies - Interactive Selfie tips & tricks.


Question: What are the useful Pre-installed apps in Honor View20?
Huawei Share -
It supports wireless printing now and also supports sharing files with a PC as long as they are on the same wireless network.
Password Vault - Store your passwords locally on the View 20 and they are accessible using your lock-screen password.
Phone Manager app - you can access shortcuts to storage cleanup, battery settings, blocked numbers, Virus scan powered by Avast, and mobile data usage.
AI-powered gallery with Magic UI. The app now supports automatic sorting with highlights. The machine learning decides the sorting criteria - location, date, event, etc.
Themes app, supported too and there is a lot to choose from. Live wallpapers, Fonts, Magazine lock screen etc.
Huawei's Health app is also pre-installed. It offers Google Fit syncing and step counting

The Party Mode is a new feature courtesy of EMUI 8.2. It's available from app of the same name and allows the user to connect to multiple phones to play the same song simultaneously.
Smart Remote - Control your home appliances with your Honor View20
PC Mode Simultaneous PC and smartphone, usage with wired or wireless projection


Question: What are other User-Friendly Functions available on Honor View20?
Video enhancer -
hardware-level video enhancer with high frame rates.
Noise Reduction icon - AI noise reduction with better call quality.
Translate icon - AI accelerated translator a must-have travel tool.
Scan to purchase icon - AI scan-to-purchase easily search for similar items.


Question: Will Honor View20 gets updated to next version of Android? Do we get monthly security patches?
Answer: Honor View20 will be surely getting two major Android upgrades while the security patches will be getting bimonthly patches, support for monthly patches will be around 2 years minimum if not 3 years.
Question: Does Honor View20 received its first OTA update yet?
Answer: Yes it does received, the update adds 48MP AI Ultra Clarity feature, Updates to preset themes which includes new themes as well. Optimizes system performance & stability with integration to January Security patch 2019!

Question: Does Honor View20 bagged any Awards at CES 2019?
Answer: Of course, Honor View20 bagged awards at CES 2019 as well as Guinness World Records' Largest Photo Mosaic!



Hope you all find this FAQ's useful, Thank you for reading
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