1. krishnandu.sarkar

    Critics on my Blog

    Well, It's been around 4 years I bought this domain on my name. I installed wordpress on the very first day and thought of blogging. But I could never get any topic about what to write which is unique. I read many blogs regarding what to write and all but couldn't fix on anything that's unique...
  2. anarchy0x

    Buying a bluetooth headphone...

    I hope it's not off topic. Here are my requirements 1. My first priority is that call quality must be good as i intend to use it mostly for receiving & making calls. Would be nice to have good music quality but that's secondary 2. I travel daily & I also travel by train & go to crowded...
  3. R

    Need BIKE Recommendation

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a bike. I'm choosing to buy it using EMI. I can pay upto 20k in advance. My preffred model is Pulsar 220/200 or (any CC bike from Pulsar series). I'm a novice in bike riding. Is this bike suits my need since I'm just a beginner. Many of friends are asking me not to...
  4. webgenius

    Where to buy winter cloting for USA in Bangalore

    I and my wife have to travel to USA for cuple of months. We'll have to travel pretty soon, and hence planning to purchase winter clothes for both of us this weekend. Please recommend places in Bangalore where I can get good winter jackets that can withstand the low temeperatures in USA. The...
  5. Flash


    Mannerisms affect a lot, not only you but also the people around you. Share the good/bad mannerisms (yours or encountered) here, so people who're having bad mannerisms (as good or not aware of), may have a chance to correct it and people who do have good mannerisms, may've helped someone to...
  6. ramakanta

    Travel Management

    My friend has started a travels company and want need best Travel Management software . is that available . please help me . thank you.
  7. D

    Suggest bike upto 75K~90K

    I want to purchase a bike within 75k~90k (on-road) for daily commute from home to office and office to home. I stay in pune and daily travel will have approx 18~19km one side. May go for long ride once in every quarter. What is your budget? - 85k~90k Your height & body build...
  8. 2

    What will help you when you are traveling??

    Hey guys .. i have just been given a project wherein i am supposed to create a mobile application that will help people while traveling. I have trying a come up with a list of features that will help travelers. Few of the features i have thought are :- - Storing all the required documents...
  9. H

    Need travel compact camera.... Budget 20k.

    Hey guys! Looking for a good travel compact camera under 20k.. Sony HS20V and Panasonic TZ30 are the two cameras in my mind.. Please suggest the best camera... Will buy in last week of march.
  10. B

    Order Fresh Food On Your Train Travel Online

    Those who frequently travel in long-distance passenger trains can talk at length about the in-train pantry services. If you've wished that the convenience (or luxury) of home delivery could be somehow brought to trains, that’s just seemed to have happened. offers a...
  11. G

    Need to buy 14 inch laptop

    My current laptop a compaq bought way back in 2006 is almost giving up now... So, was thinking of getting myself a new one... I watch a lot of movies on my laptop, so need brilliant speakers and good display..., that apart, i use it heavily for MS-Office (really need processing power and ram...
  12. S

    New travel zoom camera under 20k

    Hello all, this is my first post in this forum . I already own A Sony CyberShot DSC-S40 and A Sony CX-130/B HD hanycam. Now i plan to buy a compact travel zoom a the bridge zooms are too bulky for me to handle. I have narrowed a few modesl such as Panasonic SZ7 & TZ30; Sony WX150, HX10V...
  13. TheLetterD

    The 6 Weirdest Dangers of Space Travel

    The 6 Weirdest Dangers of Space Travel | Just thought Id share it with you guys.
  14. a_medico

    Help designing a clinic prescription software

    Can someone suggest a place/person which/who could help my cousin, who is a doctor, design a prescription generating software for his clinic? 1) Should preferably in Mumbai / Pune. He would be willing to travel to these cities, if necessary. 2) Any student willing to take this project...
  15. S

    Samsung Omnia or Defy Plus??

    Please help me to choose between Samsung Omnia WI8350 & the Defy Plus...With the Omnia, is apps available easliy & freely like Android ?? 2nd, how's the GPS map in Omnia; I have to travel a lot so maps for me is pretty important...:confused::confused::-?
  16. cyber

    Time travel

    I recently started thinking about time travel and how awesome it would be to actually travel through i started reading articles and they gave me a lot of insight First:: all these paradoxes seem to make time travel thing is the grandfather paradox where if u...
  17. S

    Android Multimedia within 15 k??

    Hi !! Looking for an Android phone, within 15k. Looking forward for, 1. Big Capacitative screen. 2. 5 mp or > camera. 3. GPS with map (as I travel a lot ) 4. FM radio/ Media player. 5. Ease of texting/ e-mails/ f.b.:?: Thanks in advance.
  18. A

    Senior Citizen Discount..

    Can senior citizens avail 50% discount on first AC rail travel?
  19. comp@ddict

    From China To Taiwan, GOOGLE Style - LOL

    Here's the EPIC story of cross channel travel, google style. - - Get Directions - CHINA to TAIWAN
  20. T

    Didtributors in Pune

    Can anyone let me know any good distributor in Pune? Off course i have got tons of options in Mumbai, still if there is a good one in Pune can save me a lot of time and travel.
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