1. A

    16 GB Pen drive showing just 1.91 GB

    my 16 gb transcend pen drive is only showing 1.91 gb after formatting.please help me
  2. S

    new external transcend 1TB HD

    hey guys.i am currently planning to buy a 1TB USB 3.0 drive in around a month.i prefer one which does not require external power.i have shortlisted some transcend and toshiba drives: 1.transcend storejet 25m3 1TB: Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Disk - Transcend...
  3. S

    Recommend a PSU/Cabinet

    What PSU should I purchase for the following config: Intel 3.3 GHz Core i3 2120 MSI B75MA-P45 2 x Transcend DDR3-1333 DDR3 4 GB XFX HD Radeon 6790 (DD edition) Budget: ~4000 for the PSU, ~3000 for the cabinet
  4. R

    [Query] Who Handing Transcend SD Card RMA?

    I went to many Local shops asking who handing Transcend products ,many says dont know , some did say Accel , i went to Accel they told that they stoped handling Transcend RMA's Problem is , I Purchased 16GB MicroSDHC class4 Transcend memory card for my mobile From Flip kart ...
  5. A

    [Complaint] Transcend 640gb hardisk.. unable to get replacement from transcend.. Almost 4 months

    This was my second complaint to transcend customer care for the replacement at their site "*" : " Dear sir/mam, As previously registered a complaint for the same hard disk, i am again writing a complaint because of the delay in replacement in the product which...
  6. axes2t2

    Memory card advice needed.

    It's for the Galaxy Ace. Transcend or Kingston.
  7. Bhav

    Whic one is better

    I want to upgrade my graphic card as well as my psu i am gonna buy nvidia 640 but I am confuted to buy should i buy MSI ,Asus ,Zotac or Galaxy my system configration is Motherboard-Asus M2n68am-plus Ram- 4gb DDR2 transcend HDD-320 GB WD Pross-AMD Athlon-II x2 240 after...
  8. Nerevarine

    Product Code for Transcend RAM

    I purchased a Transcend 4 GB DDR3 RAM from Flipkart.. It says I need to register to avail warranty.. but I donot have the 10 digit product code for the RAM.. what should I do ? I have looked everywhere.. inside the packaging, on the Flipkart Bill, etc.. Please advice :-x
  9. H

    Old CPU for sale help with price?

    Hey I gotta sell my old CPU I just wanna know the proper price for it pleaseIm selling all this 2gbddr 2 transcend 2gb ddr2 Kingston 2gb ddr2 transcend 1gb ddr2 transcend Total 7gb with life time warranty on all four Intel dg33fb motherboard Core2duo 2.33ghz Unused in all...
  10. Nerevarine

    [Query] Transcend and Corsair Service center in Bhubaneswar

    I need the location of corsair and Transcend Service center here in Bhubaneswar along with phone numbers Thanks in advance :)
  11. Y

    [Complaint] Transcend External HDD 640GB - Disk Failure and RMA

    I am facing a problem similar to the one shared by MegaMind in the thread * Sharing my details hereunder: Company name: Transcend Product: 640 GB External HDD - TS640GSJ25M - Serial No. - 3684430787...
  12. clerkman1612

    difference between 32gb Memory Card and Micro SD 32gb memory card in android phones?

    Friends, I want to buy a Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 Android Mobile phone from The site is offerring me this mobile for Rs 9000 (approx.) with Transcend 8gb Memory Card free. But I m confused that what is the difference between Transcend 8gb memory card and Transcend 8gb Micro...
  13. ajayritik

    Unable to install USB 3.0 PCI Card on PC

    Guys I recently bought Transcend USB 3.0 Expansion Card which I installed in one of the PCI slots in my Intel DG 965RY motherboard. However I don't think my PC has still recognized this. When I plug any USB device in the USB ports it's not being recognised. I also downloaded the drivers for...
  14. MegaMind

    [Complaint] [Solved] Transcend Service!

    Hey guys, i bought a Transcend 640GB (TS640GSJ25M2) on 20th September 2011 from It started giving problems after a month, rarely gets recognized. So i gave it for RMA to Accel frontline services ltd. chennai on 28-oct-2011. Ever since i've been waiting for the replacement. I...
  15. mayoorite

    Please help in buying laptop ram "It's urgent"

    I am going to buy Asus X53SC-SX492D ,and want to buy 2 gb ram online. So which one should i buy Flipkart: Transcend JetRam DDR3 2 GB Laptop RAM (JM1333KSN-2G): Ram orFlipkart: Transcend JetRam DDR3 2 GB Laptop RAM (JM1066KSN-2G): Ram Please reply as early as possible ,i am going to buy it...
  16. W

    Diff between Transcend StoreJet and Seagate Expansion portable drives?

    * Seagate Expansion Portable 2.5 inch 1 TB: External Hard Drive Hi, I opted for a...
  17. mayoorite

    16 GB pendrive under Rs 1500

    Hi! I need a 16GB Pendrive. I have selected Transcend V70 rugged,is it good in performance & durability , how much it could cost.Is transcend better than kingston?If no then suggest one.Please reply soon ,i will buy it tomorrow.
  18. A

    Deleted documents from transcend pen drive?

    I deleted some documents from my transcend pen drive which i thought i had backup. I directly deleted them from my pen drive. After two days when i got to know my mistake i started searching my documents in recycle bin but could not find them. They are really important to me. Can anyone guide me...
  19. P

    Ddr2 ram memory modules upgrade problem

    My System Details are: Processor: AMD Athlon (TM) 64X2 Dual core processor 3600+ Mother Board: ASUS M2N-MX OS: Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty) X64 / Windows 7 X86 RAM: 512M DDR2 667 DIMM 5-5-5 (Transcend) X 2 Modules = 1 GB I want to upgrade my system RAM by 1GB for that I have purchased new "1G...
  20. S

    DP45SG: Unable to get RAM working. 3 beeps.

    My mobo is DP45SG with Q9550 C2Q proccy. The system runs on Corsair 650TX. I have been using transcend 2x1GB 1333Mhz ram until now. Recently a friend of mine got me Corsair XMS3 2x2GB ram as a gift. I did a little researching I found out that the corsair ram was rated at 1.65v and my old ram...
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