1. A

    Igb Transcend 400ddr

    Igb Transcend 400ddr For Sale - 6months Old - 2months Used - Excellent Condition - With Bill - Price. Rs. 4500 Negotiable - Contact 9884010139/ 044 - 26422836
  2. sam9s

    OC Issues

    ehm!!!ok I know sounds repetative. OC issue but no other way except to start a new thread for this one. Ch@0s I would be looking specifically for your openion. Ok my specs C2D 6300 ASUS P5B Delux Wifi. 800Mhz 1 GB Transcend RAM. Earlier I had corsair 667. Now I dont know where the problem...
  3. S

    Transcend T sonic 610 as pen drive?

    Transcend T.Sonic 610 Does any body have this player (transcend T.Sonic 610)? Plz tell me can we use it as pen drive also. if yes i will purchase it. plz plz plz tell me?
  4. T

    Transcend pendrive

    This is about non detection of my new transcend IGB JF V30 pendrive by windows xp. Initially it was detected at my office computer and i have unplugged it from the PC only after the safe to remove message was displayed. At home it is not detected at all as if nothing is plugged into the usb...
  5. P

    **Rate of this configuration..??**

    hello friend has this below gonna buy this pc from him. plz suggest me the correct or approx rate ..that i can ask for..! below is a "second hand used PC" am in chennai..! Amd Athalon 2000XP 1.6 GHZ ATX cabinet (Attached Special Fan for Processor) ASUS...
  6. A

    Is this pen drive available in Kolkata?

    I am desirous of purchasing Transcend Jet Flash 2.0 pen drive of 1 GB capacity. Can anybody please tell me whether it is available in Kolkata.
  7. sude

    Kingston absent, which brand to go for???

    dear users, recently my PC suddenly stopped accepting any floppy disks for the second time. the first time i had to settle for a new floppy drive, though the current situation is same but i am not in favor of buying a new floppy drive.. Neway i have thought of purchasing a pen/flash drive as a...
  8. J

    suggestion needed flash mp3 player

    hi all, i've budget of less than 4000rs....can u suggest which will be the best flash mp3 player around?? i need fm and recording features also...i'm quite interested in this one from transcend 512mb mp3 player * does anybody...
  9. T

    any idea

    hi any idea about geforce 6800 gs and it price . how much is 1GB ram from kingston and transcend 400 and where to get it from bangalore ?
  10. jay4u

    Which config to go for....

    i have two options... which one should i go for.... 1. p4 1 mb cache 2.4 ghz 478 pin intel 865gbf D transcend 512 mb 400mhz ram 2. amd 3000+ (dont know porcessor... but budget for it is 6k... can u sugest one.. is my choice right) msi rs 482 mobo transcend 512 mb 400...
  11. T

    Ordering this config.. Details with pics.. :)

    Price Not inclusive of VAT (VAT extra 4%) Amd 3200+ ------------------------ 7800 A8Ne ------------------------------- 5600 Logitech z5300 ------------------- 10800 Samsung 713N TFT -------------- 14900 Transcend 512 MB DDR---------- 2450 Transcend 512 MB DDR---------- 2450 XFX 6200...
  12. P


    Is this brand good...?? Or is it equivalent to Kingston and Transcend??
  13. P

    Memory selection

    Which is better brand in memory......Kingston or Transcend?? I saw there are two chipsets in Transcend......mosel and Samsung. In Kingston there are several chipsets.....kingston, hynix or mosel. Which should I buy???
  14. g_goyal2000

    Memory Woes

    Which memory is better: Kingston, Transcend, Hynix or Corsair? I read the article on memory's in Digit February 2004 issue but am still a bit confused. I'm thinking of Transcend cos Digit team has been recommending it for quite sometime now. I want to know what u guys/gals...
  15. Q

    OCing Transcend DDR400

    I wanted to ask you reg overcloccing the Transcend DDR400 Ram 256/512MB on the ASUS A8N Sli This ram can be oced to 210 Mhz but i want to take it to 215 220 I am thinking of attaching 2 copper/aluminium plated on both sides of ram an applying AS5 thermal paste between ram chips and...
  16. R

    Need help in buying RAM.

    Hi, One of the vendor's in Lamington is giving me 512 DDR 400 Mhz Hynix for 2000 only. Should i buy this one or should i buy Kingston or Transcend ? How much will or should be the price difference between Hynix and the big boys ?
  17. L

    Transcend Storejet 2.5" 40GB :-(

    I have a AMD Athlon XP 2000+, ASUS A7N266-VM Board. With BIOS Revision 1005. I've bought a new 40GB Transcend Storejet 2.5" External Drive (TS40GSJ25) I am working in WindowsXP Professional With SP2. The drivers of the USB Controllers and Properly Installed and the Device status is...
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