1. A

    Dominos Pizza : How to get back the amount from a faulty transaction

    Hey All, I was ordering pizza at dominos through their online portal.I selected my order and used my debit card to pay the amount but after I got a message that the transaction was successful the page threw an error. I tried to refresh it several times but I couldn't get the page where it...
  2. The Incinerator

    Microsoft buying Nokia (Light at the end of the Tunnel?)

    Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s devices & services business, license Nokia’s patents and mapping services REDMOND, Washington and ESPOO, Finland – Sept. 3, 2013 – Microsoft Corporation and Nokia Corporation today announced that the Boards of Directors for both companies have decided to enter into...
  3. amjath

    Microsoft to buy Nokia phones unit

    Was expecting, gonna happen BBC News - Microsoft to buy Nokia phones unit
  4. anirbandd

    Tamron/Sigma Lens Dealer in Mumbai

    Hi all, I am planning to buy a 70-300 Canon Mount lens.. I looked around in Kolkata, but none of the dealers seem to have stock of either of Sigma/Tamron, and were not sure about when they'll arrive. My parents are visiting Mumbai the next week... I know there are some good shops for dSLR...
  5. Kniwor

    [For Sale] iPhone 4 32Gb mint condition, Factory Unlocked

    I have on sale an iPhone 4 32Gb Factory Unlocked in perfect condition. There are absolutely no scratches, dents or any sign of physical wear at all. It is running iOS 6.0.1 at the moment. I would prefer to do the transaction in person, and since I will be traveling in the time to come, I can do...
  6. H

    Help needed to develop an android app

    Hey friends, I am developing an finance organizer android app, which will read bank sms and add transaction based on these sms. For optimizing the code i need to know all type of msgs bank send for bank,debit card,atm,credit card transaction etc. so i need these msgs and you can help me by...
  7. lywyre

    Please Help - IRCTC Failed Transaction

    Hi, I booked a ticket today on the IRCTC for travel from Erode to Katpadi on 21-10-2011. After the payment to ICICI, I got the confirmation of the transaction from the bank, but the IRCTC site's session timed out and the transaction is listed in the failed transactions. I know that IRCTC will...
  8. Skyh3ck

    how to do money transaction for this forum???

    hey if i buy or sell how will money transaction will take place??? what if buyer and seller is at different cities?? :?:
  9. Sarath

    Plumber gets 6.5cr I-T notice

    This is just too weird. I had to share it here. Here's the excerpt: [:shock:]
  10. D

    money lost during online transaction i booked two tickets online...went forward to make the payment using my SBI debit card...filled out the details & then clicked on PAY...the page started loading but after about 5 mins it returned an error...some sort of fatal error saying the transaction failed...then i received an...
  11. desiibond

    ATIC(part of GFC)bids to buy Chartered Semiconductor; GlobalFoundries smiles politely

    SINGAPORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Advanced Technology Investment Company LLC (ATIC) of Abu Dhabi and Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing (Chartered) of Singapore today announced a definitive agreement whereby ATIC would acquire Chartered, one of the world’s top dedicated semiconductor foundries...
  12. gary4gar

    Hidden Charges in Paypal?

    Hi, Opened a new paypal personel account to pay for a Domain registration online. so i transferred balance from Credit card to paypal and then to namecheap. I completed the transaction and in Transaction summery the amount was 5.99. I completed the transaction and got a receipt of those...
  13. phreak0ut

    Microsoft Downplaying Recent DNS Vulnerability

    Microsoft Watch writes
  14. W

    Being cheated by ICICI Bank Credit needed

    Hi, I am having bad experience with my ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card. On April 2nd, a new transaction of 2k has been added in my account. This transaction took place in Big Bazaar on Jan 06th. The amazing thing is that I never performed this transaction. After this transaction 3 billing...
  15. webgenius

    Am I being cheated?

    Hello DIGITians, I have an AXIS bank GOLD debit card. While registering for the card, I was told that I can withdraw money from any ATM for free(without transaction charges). But when I took out some money out of a Citibank ATM, I was charged 57 bucks. I have withdrawn a lot from ATM till now...
  16. S

    i got a spam

    hey guyz i got an email today from some african bank saying something abuot transaction. was it a spm?
  17. gxsaurav

    Windows Server 2008 : Top 10 features

    Found this on Betanews. Windows Server 2008 is upon us. The existing Windows Server 2003 R2 is already a full features server operating system, although it is taking a serious competition from Linux due to lack of exploits out there for Virus etc & it being low cost. Despite of that Linux even...
  18. K

    Commandline tool like dBase for Linux

    I am using RedHat Enterprise Linux 8. I need a program to maintain cash book with denomination for every transaction. It should calculate the amount for the entered transaction and write it as an entry. Every entry should have 2 denominations one for the amount tendered and the other for the...
  19. harmax

    yum is YUMier with yumex

    the following url xplains all about yum ITS SIMPLY GREAT!!!!!!!!!11 here r a few things i yummed today yum install firefox and yum yummed yum [root@localhost ~]# yum install yum Setting up Install Process Setting up Repo...
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