Am I being cheated?

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Hello DIGITians,

I have an AXIS bank GOLD debit card. While registering for the card, I was told that I can withdraw money from any ATM for free(without transaction charges).

But when I took out some money out of a Citibank ATM, I was charged 57 bucks. I have withdrawn a lot from ATM till now (at least 15 to 20 times).

I checked the AXIS Bank site, and it says that ATM transaction is free at any VISA ATM in India. What can I do now? I might have lost a lot of money from ATM transactions till now. What do you guys think I should do now?


They won't charge you if you withdraw money from Axis bank ATM only ,but if you withdrew money for eg ICICI bank or HDFC bank ATM ,then Visa will deduct some money from your A/C .

use this site to locate AXIS bank ATM .


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"I checked the AXIS Bank site, and it says that ATM transaction is free at any VISA ATM in India"

Where's it mentioned? Provide the link. It must be for AXIS Bank ATM's only.

Ok. It is mentioned here

With your Gold Debit Card, you get unlimited free transactions at other Bank's ATMs in India.

Would be better if you contact your branch and clarify!
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yes ofcourse u are cheated, directly meet the manager of bank which you frequently visit show this page right on his comp & secondly you were also inform its free earlier.


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I had this issue with ABN-Amro. They don't charge for withdrawal, but if you get a statement from other ATM, that transaction is charged.


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no man ..
i think it takes some time to get the gold account get activated..
the money they have deducted will be deposited to your account automatically..
happened with me too(ICICI)..
also check with the branch manager..
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