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  1. D

    How to Track Skype id's IP Address

    hello digitians first of all things i would like to thank you all for helping me everytime. :-) i want to trace ip address of my friends skype id. she is harrasing me and sending me some 18+ content. can anyone help me to trace her exact ip adress. she is using laptop/mobile .plz help me i...
  2. M

    EMail trace

    Is it possible to trace where a yahoo or gmail email has come from? A person is writing to me saying he is from US but I have a feeling that he may be in India. If there is a way I wanted to check where the mail is coming from and even who has sent it.
  3. A

    Lost my phone :(

    I lost my phone today.. had left it in my trousers.. mom gave it for washing to the maid.. when i returned home.. no trace.. mom doesnt know.. so obviously the maid took it.. Now, can I somehow trace the number? I do not have my IMEI noted down.. :(
  4. bajaj151

    Online Streaming

    Is recording online streaming videos illegal...How the site owner can trace us ?
  5. S

    where is my issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi guys i hv subscribed digit in december but i didnt receive my issue of this month till now...how can i trace my order & which courier service these digit guys are using......plz help............
  6. D

    Yahoo Id Related Question

    Dear All Members Wish You All Happy new Year. My Question is i have got one of my friend yahoo id. but i want to find out how many other id he is having in yahoo with the help of one id which i have. is there any way i can trace or find out with the email id i m having of the same. any...
  7. T

    Why IMEI no is required?

    Hello friends after a long time i am visiting the forum. But thats not imp at all. I have a confusion... I have read in the newspaper that in order to trace the terror accused the police require the IMEI no of the handset incase of a terror attack. According to police since the terrorists use...
  8. K

    How To Trace A location of cellphone?

    hiiiiiii, my cellphone Motorola V3M has stolen on 3rd of August. I'av register a F.I.R. also applied for survilance...there is any software or some way that I can trace my cellphone's location? please help me out?
  9. C

    All is lost in driver

    hi guys, Got a issue here...i got a system(PC) formated it n now i am not able to use internet as i am not able to configure the drivers for the modem.... Its a celeron system with 865 chipset....how will i be abe to trace which drivers are needed to fix this prob..also there is no audio...
  10. bajaj151

    Disable Wifi

    I am getting acess to net through wifi from unknown location. How can I trace the person in my apartment ?
  11. K

    Problem in finding AV tool

    Well, Guys! Please help me finding any other anti-virus tool that is shown by the Security Center to be 'ON' even after uninstalling the existing 'Avira AntiVir' tool in my system! I've winxp Home with sp2 sys and having Advanced WindowsCare V2 Personal, CCleaner and AdAware 2007 installed...
  12. Third Eye

    Games that sank without a trace

    Games which sank without a trace Please post all unpopular/unknown games so that we can atleast give them a try. First is Alarm for Cobra 11 It is so unpopular/unknown that google is giving only a few results :lol: Although the game is average. I found it better than NFS Carbon.grammatical...
  13. sumeet singh

    Wanna trace my lost Phone... SOS

    hey ppl, I've lost my new sony erricson K790i...:( not very old and expensive.. i tried calling it and someone received the phone call but no answer from the other side:cry: Is there a way to trace it..:confused: Plz suggest:confused:
  14. azzu

    Tracing Ip

    hey can we trace ones IP adderess and know where he is frm is it possible any soft in market as used like this????
  15. L

    ip address conflict

    Hi, I live in a dormitory where there are internet conx provided in every room. Its on the same network provided by 1 single entity (or whatever). Often, because of this, we get IP conflicts. I think most of you know what this is. Another person uses my IP in the TCP/IP configuration to...
  16. venom X

    How to Trace Orkut Profile's IP address

    As you know Orkut has an in-built IP filter, thereby hiding every user's unique IP. Is there any tool or software to identify or trace orkut profile's IP who has scraped in your scrapbook ?
  17. tanush_89

    this is no joke

    Hi guys , I'm in deep trouble now. I'm getting mails from a yahoo id and he's blackmailing me. I need to trace the email. I don't know much about tracing but i know email headers are involved. My id is also at yahoo but i can't see email headers. can someone tell me the exact procedure...
  18. Kalyan

    Mobile lost.. Need Help....

    Hi friends.. I had a SE k750i. yesterday, I lost as someone had snatched it from my hand while I was talking on it. I just wanna know if there is any process by which I can trace the location/ retrieve my lost cell phone. I got my IMEI no. with me. I lodged a police...
  19. the.kaushik

    how is this possible with orkut

    Friends i want some help and this is really something new atleast to me. http://img247.imageshack.us/img247/6398/untitledcopyjw7.jpg the pic above is a screenshot of one of our leacturer scrap book.. i made it some places blur to keep privacy. observe properly. someone has posted...
  20. coolendra

    Cant find a thread..... Help needed...

    Well ... few days back i came across a thread consisting of a through description of various price lists of different computer peripherals.... can ye pla help me trace it.... needed urgently !!!!!..... if u can PM me the list it willl be very helpful.... thanx.....
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