1. T

    Moving to bangalore in search of a Job?

    Hi guys, I am a digitian since 2003. Digit inspired me since i was in 7th standard in school to opt for Information technology as a career.Completed my Engineering in 2011 but made a mistake that since i did not have 60% percent in class 12th ( I missed by 10 marks) , I did not get opportunity...
  2. P

    [For Sale] CLASH OF CLANS LVL 55 Th7 Account up for 15 grands

    I am selling my coc game account It took me a year to progress till here, on my android and ipad devices, I have Town hall 7 Lvl7 Walls lvl4 troops dragon unlocked Lvl2 dark barracks with Minions and Hogs Lvl8 Defences Expected price-15k-20k Reason to sell-No more needed...
  3. P

    laptop buying advice

    hi, i need to buy gaming laptop for my younger brother. My budget is Rs.40000, i have decided to go for i5 wd 8gb ram. Since i am in small town and i have to buy it urgently kindly suggest what graphics card should i go to. Kindly do not suggest model only suggest graphics card, since i am...
  4. M

    Nos. 4 Bulk SMS

    This may sound stupid but i really need help/advice!!!! ..... I plan to start a bulk sms service in a small population town ... and i was wondering how to acquire all or maybe half of the phone numbers living in that town to send an ads of some kind.. will the operators be willing to sell this...
  5. vndprkh.09

    The best ever made pc

    THE BEST EVER MADE PC WITHIN ONE WEEK... POST YOUR SUGGESTIONS AND MADE IT TO FOLLOW OTHERS.. rules- No amd processors {lack of avability in many small town} MAIN FOCUS WILL BE ON COMMON BUDGET 20K-35K So lets design ur own PCs
  6. vndprkh.09

    Make ur pc within 25k-33k ..

    Make ur pc within 25k-33k and that can deliver the best..... rules- No amd processors {lack of avability in many small town} So lets design ur own PCs :idea::C_inno::(:C_lolwink:
  7. vndprkh.09

    Make ur pc within 25k-33k and that can deliver the best.....

    Make ur pc within 25k-33k and that can deliver the best..... rules- No amd processors {lack of avability in many small town} So lets design ur own PCs :idea::C_inno::(:C_lolwink:
  8. NucleusKore

    Australia town bans bottled water

    Source: * A rural town in Australia has voted overwhelmingly to ban the sale of bottled water over concerns about its environmental impact. Campaigners say Bundanoon, in New South Wales, may be the first community in the world to have such...
  9. P

    psp slim and lite

    Hi friends, I'm robin from jallandhar, I purchased a psp on 28-9-08 from SONY WORLD for Rs.8500/- + Rs.1750 mmc (8gb) + 150 cover + 350 earphones . Then I asked for game umd they say starting from Rs 700..... I thougt i should wait for some time to collect money for Games. Then next day...
  10. praka123

    SE phone cheapest with a 1.3-2MP camera

    I'd like to get one,just to get snaps while travelling and all apart from using it as a phone. My budget at maximum is 5K. I likes uiq rather than symbian(nokia).even motorola is OK for me :) I am fed up with my old 1600 Nokia :D Please help! I am a n00b reg cell phones :) Also,In my town...
  11. Quiz_Master

    Life -> In Metro & Big Cities Vs. In Towns.

    2 Days ago I was discussing this with our friend Saurav Basu (aka Choto Cheeta) that where life is more easier and comfortable - In metro cities or in Towns. I think life in metros is much more exciting(But I live in a town.) buty Saurav bhai thinks that life in towns are good. (and he lives in...
  12. Digit_Dragon

    Look alikes score the same...

    Just for a crazy newsbit... In Tamilnadu the Higher Secondary results have been released and in a town a twins scored same marks in the exam:wink: *
  13. int86

    buying XP

    My freind runs a cafe and want to buy Xp for himself. What are the choices for him. And wher to buy. He lives in jharkhand and lives in a small town.
  14. gdatuk

    Who is this lady?

    :confused: This lady is damn pretty and totally sexy Charming apeal..any one know her name? any idea when she is in town I need to own her...
  15. PrinceHeart

    TomKat's fairytale wedding

    In a fairytale setting, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have exchanged wedding vows in a glowing 15th-century castle in a lakeside Italian town. Source: * Above link contains other links for images/videos and more.
  16. koolbluez

    Where is Museum Road, Bangalore?

    Maybe Wrong place... but friend's r there to help... right... any Bangloreans? I'm new to B'lore... Someone help me locate St.Joseph's Boys High School, No.27, Museum Road @ Bangalore-25... Some prominent location there... heard its near Richmond town, Sacred Heart's Girls High School ... now...
  17. int86

    Data Cable........3220

    Somebody should really help me. I have a N3220 n DKU-5 cable. Ist problem is that whenever i plug it it says"enhancement not supported". After much cleaning of points after some time i get connted. But after i min transfer stops permanently. As shown in net packet counter. I have to reboot n do...
  18. santu_29


    CRT or LCD Is it the crt for it has better colors and resolution or is it the lcd for it is the new trend in town?
  19. C

    I am Totally Confused can anyone Help me to Slove the Prob.

    Iam a broadband user of one of the local ISP in my home town. it was unlimited there is no Up/Down load Limitations. They Hire Airtel OFC on 2MB capacity line. At present there 70 connetions in the town, he had to share all the line to all 70 members. Now the problem is that earlier the...
  20. A


    Well it has been a long time since i Posted . Right ! don't worry the cool guy is back with a bang. Lets discuss COUNTER-STRIKE the hottest LAN game in town.
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