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buying XP

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My freind runs a cafe and want to buy Xp for himself.
What are the choices for him.
And wher to buy. He lives in jharkhand and lives in a small town.


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You need a separate copy of XP for each PC and even if you buy the OEM version it's quite expensive. You can use Linux which is free but all customers won't be comfortable with it. Other choice is to get the "free" version of XP if there's no chance of getting caught.


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Even the 'free' version costs some bucks dude.:D windows of rs 10,000 at rs. 100.please call it 1% percent version but not the 'free' version.

i will suggest you to go for linux.
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he can try windows 2K cheaper option but stabler than 98, though not an eye candy like xp will get the work done available in multiple licencenses....... options.....and what more will require less resources
Can go for 5 or 10 licenses depending on the requiements........ remember can even get second hand windows 2K from guys who have swiched to XP... though i think licenses are non transferable but i myself have windows Xp that i got along with a second hand system though i sold the system piece by piece i still have got the windows xp and it gets activated on the internet... on my new system.........
Linux can indeed be a better alernative as the guys coming to cafe just need to browse, send mail, use chats and copy files they saved to disc/USB drives.. recent versions of linux have a freindly guis and can perform all the above task pretty smoothly. so i donot see any reason why the people will be discomfortable with linux in cafe.........
Yes i used linux for 3 years before swiching to XP, for a home user and hard core users it sometimes frustrating compliling drivers and unable to play music and applications (as they keep on changing the format) need extensive search and look up for every time you wanna do sometimes out of normal... but ya i guess it was fun while i was studying and had a lot of times in my hand nowadays with work and only 24 hrs in a day kinda seems a distinct dream.........
whatever guys hope it helps.......


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Public Nowadays knows and acknowledges Firefox Browser.so basically In Linux Mostly ur using firefox 2.No virus,trogens.it'll save ur friend a lotta headache.
I suggest Install a Debian based Distro like Ubuntu.even that distro can be freely shipped to you or your friends.@
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