1. D

    Rate this toolbar!!!

    Is this toolbar best for our site? Download Leave your comments plz.....
  2. TeckKy

    How to tweak Explorer toolbar in W7

    Is there any way to add or modify the 'tools'/buttons in the Explorer's toolbar below the addressbar in Windows7:?: Or even hide toolbar too like menu bar:!:
  3. ritesh.techie

    Quero Toolbar for Internet Explorer 9

    So, another Internet Explorer 9 add-on toolbar…but wait! Quero Toolbar is different: It’s actually worth using. For starters, it’s not like those spyware “toolbars” that continue to plague unprotected PCs and careless users. Quero Toolbar is actually designed to block pop-ups, flash...
  4. G

    Think Digit TOOLBAR-Firefox Addon/Extension

    **TDF Toolbar-Firefox Addon/Extension for fast browsing** Greets Digitians presenting.... Think Digit Toolbar v1.09 I have started a addon project-Think Digit Toolbar Its created to speed up forum browsing like google toolbar,etc This is my first addon sharing with you releasing on...
  5. M

    Windows 7 cool toolbar

    i have seen some pictures of a floating toolbar on top of desktop in windows 7. how this toolbar can be enabled. thanks in advance....
  6. S

    How to Create A Toolbar And Earn From It Too!!

    Few days ago i wrote the tutorial on my blog PCandWEB , As i had particularly no visitors :grin:, i'd like to share it here in simple steps, 1) Goto Conduit and register yourself. 2) Creating Toolbar is very simple click and make process in the conduit interface, add your own radio station...
  7. MetalheadGautham

    Google Toolbar says Incompatible Browser ? No Problem

    Another I-learnt-it-the-hard-way tutorial from me :D Hope it helps somebody. For me, I just discovered that chrome's thumbnailer feature is now available in google toolbar ! :D Never knew it due to lack of touch.
  8. Sukhdeep Singh

    Help with SQL query in VB.NET

    [SOLVED:MYSELF] Help with SQL query in VB.NET Hello I have textbox with text like 10,20,30 I need to know how can i convert this for SQL query like where column in ('10','20','30') Solution Dim sword As String sword = Replace(TextBox1.Text, ",", "','") sword = "'" & sword...
  9. rajsujayks

    Forgetful XP!

    I am using Windows XP SP3. The problem is once I shut down my PC and restart it, Quick Launch toolbar and WMP11 toolbar (toolbar mode in WMP11) go missing. I can add them back by right click-ing on the taskbar and selecting Toolbars and Quick Launch or WMP11 and it is fine after that. It is not...
  10. N

    Linux Woes

    I have a couple of problems in linux. Please help.......... I use Ubuntu Ultimate 8.04 Linux. 1. My monitor Samsung SyncMaster 793s (17") is being detected only as 15". I want full 17" display. Now there are black spaces at the ends of monitor. Also I dont want to stretch the image to 17"...
  11. Pearl Groupz

    Something Wrong In Mine Forex 3.1

    I Use Firefox 3.1, While Visiting any Good Website I Use to Bookmark The Site...Once I Close & Open mine Firefox the Bookmarked Page not appering In Bookmark Tab...:( .. one more problem : in Mine Bookmarks Toolbar..many Sites there..once I Remove it...After restarting the Firefox it...
  12. xbonez

    Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar

    I'm using Mozilla Firefox 3 RC1. How can i increase the size of my bookmarks toolbar to 2 rows instead of the default 1?
  13. K

    Create "New Folder" icon in explorer's toolbar

    hi...guys! Here something that has been bugging me forever... I want that The Explorer Toolbar has a "New Folder" button.... I have searched the net and found alternatives like " new folder in quick launch or new folder in folder context menu"...but the thing is I only want it in toolbar...
  14. MetalheadGautham

    MegaUpload Toolbar - How Safe ?

    A few of my friends have installed megaupload toolbar to download files from We generally do bandwidth sharing when it comes to downloading a large number of files. But I have not installed the megaupload toolbar, because I heard somewhere that its unsafe. So I want to confirm...
  15. R

    how to lock desktop so no files saved on desktop

    I am a poor organizer & have a bad habit of doing too many things (I am trying to improve:rolleyes::rolleyes:) all together. What I do is that anything useful I just drag it from FF3 to the dektop/save images & webpages to desktop & within few days I cant find my own saved data. I have...
  16. nileshgr

    A funny image to laugh upon

    I just clicked the Stumble! on my FF toolbar and it took me to this image - :D :D :D :D
  17. Dark Star

    Mac Menbar problem ! Urgent Help Required!

    I installed Mac Menubar but whenever I open an application its main toolbar appear in Panel .. Please help me to restore the toolbar to its right position ? Mac Menubar doesn't show menu like Gimme and default Main Menu ? Please help me . Here is what it looks like Regards
  18. cooldude666666

    Firefox Problem

    I am using Firefox Portable Of late my firefox just either freezes up and just stays in memory but the window doesn't show. To restart it, I have to force close firefox using the taskkill command. And sometimes, when it does open up, no websites open-up. I've tried everything, even...
  19. R

    Quick Launch Error

    hi friends, shortly I have developed a new problem where in I cannot create the quick launch toolbar. When I select that option from the toolbar it says "Cannot create toolbar". how can I resolve it.
  20. anandk

    Microsoft releases Vista Desktop / GDI Hotfix.

    IF, after a Windows Vista-based computer has been running for an extended period of time, the desktop screen stops updating correctly, or if you may experience any of the following symptoms: • Parts of the screen may go black. • Parts of the screen may become transparent. • The toolbar...
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