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  1. S

    Need a good 5.1 home theater system

    Hello, I have a budget of Rs 30000 for the Home Theatre. 1) While purchasing the same, what all things i should look for. 2) Wi-fi feature is needed. 3) Blu-ray or DVD player ( Which one I should go for ?) 4) Does players players play a important role in the outup.( For eg- blu-ray player will...
  2. S

    Home Theatre buying Guide

    I would need suggestion for buying a good Home theatre of around 20-25 k Range. I had infact finalized Yamaha-196 once, but it wont fit in my stupid panel created in my room. So I had no choice then to go for traditional Home theatre instead of the speaker systems. My requirement is as...
  3. A

    Dolby Digital Home Theater System Under 20,000

    So I was trying to gift one sound system to me in my bday and still couldnt decide which to go with. Logitech Surround Sound Speaker System Z906 LG DH6320 5.1 Home Theatre System Philips HTD5550/94 Home theatre (Black) My main purpose is watching movies and occasional gaming and I...
  4. H

    Home theatre system vs 5.1 speakers

    I want best 5.1 surround sound with good bass for my led that has tata sky plus set top box. My query is that what is the difference between home theatre system and 5.1 pc speakers and also the role of a/v receiver and coaxial and s/pdif ports?
  5. omega44-xt

    Help needed to set up a home theatre

    TV : Sony Bravia KLV-26S400A Home Theatre : Sony BDV-E3100 A local DTH set top box OK what I need is that the audio of set top box should be played via the home theatre instead of TV speakers. TV & Home theatre connected via HDMI TV & DTH connected via HDMI. This configuration...
  6. pranjal.3029

    Home Theatre Setup for 75k

    Hello, Digit Family, My family have just moved in our new home and we are now looking for a new Home Theatre Setup for our lobby. Our budget is Rs. 75k and our usage for the Home Theatre would be 60:40(Movies:Music) so we want a system which can suit our needs. I went to our nearby Mall and...
  7. TheMost

    3D Home Theater Setup [50K]

    Hello People, I am not a Audio freak or something and know every technical aspects within Audio, But I am enthusiast and know to appreciate and enjoy Quality. I have recently decided to Buy a 3D HDTV, a Home Theater and Upgrade my PC. HDTV thread here ! Along with that i am planning to Buy...
  8. S

    Problems reg. connecting a PC to TV and Home Theatre

    Hi! I had purchased the Sony DAV-TZ145 and have a few questions. I want to connect my pc to my TV as a display and the home theatre as the a 5.1 speaker. However when i connect the "audio in to aux" cable into the headphone jack then only 2 speakers work. How can i make it use all 5 speakers...
  9. M

    Home theatre for around 50-60,000 INR

    Hi members, Could anyone guide me about the home theatre prices in India? I am not looking for HTIB. I could go higher on budget as well by about 20-30k. Thanks
  10. A

    home theatre system

    looking for a home theatre sysytem budget Rs 25,000 5.1 surround-i have a sony dvd player-can it be connected to one such system
  11. S

    Confusion setting up 5.1 setup for LG Smart TV (HDMI-ARC or Optical Out) ?

    Hi Everybody, The TV model is LG smart TV LS5700. The picture quality is awesome, only problem is that the audio is not very good. So i was planning to buy a 5.1 setup. But later I found out that 5.1 is possible in two ways, one is through Optical out and the Other through HDMI out(ARC) in...
  12. S

    Help required in setting up 5.1 sytem for LG LED SMART TV

    The TV model is LG smart TV LS5700. The picture quality is awesome, only problem is audio is not very good. So i was planning to buy a 5.1 setup. But later I found out that 5.1 is possible in two ways, one is through Optical out and the Other through HDMI out(ARC) in TV. My only doubts are...
  13. M

    Buying advice Home Theatre for Rs 20,000 for lg 3d led tv.

    i need a home theatre for my lg cinema 3d tv . My maximum budget is Rs.20,000. Please suggest me a good one.
  14. sumit_anand

    Combo offer from LG on their 3D Tv.

    I see a lot of people coming to this offer and asking for recommendation about tv's so I just though to post a home theatre combo offer from lg. Here comes the link of the same LG Great Home Theatre Combo Offers. The offer seems exciting to me, Anyone here to take the benefit of the same??
  15. Flash

    Viswaroopam - [of Religion warfare]

    http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/regional/tamil/news-interviews/Two-week-ban-on-Kamals-Viswaroopam/articleshow/18161066.cms This is not the first movie, to deal with this problem. . . But . . .
  16. S

    Home Theater System

    I want a 7.1 channel Home theatre system. I have a 42" SONY LED . I would like to connect the home theatre to my PC as well for my sound output. Budget 25k
  17. J

    Home theatre system

    Hi friends, Kindly suggest me home theatre system for living room of 15x10sq. feet. Source is Panasonic plasma and audio CD (old Hindi songs). Budget is around Rs 60K. I am really not aware of technical details, kindly help.
  18. A

    Home Theatre within the 35K

    I am looking at a Blu Ray 3D enabled Home Theatre within the 35K range to go along with my 55" 3D TV. Already looked at the following - Sony BDV-N990W, Onkyo S9300, LG HB906TA and Yamaha YHT-296 but still confused. Any suggestions for narrowing it down?
  19. X

    SONY Home Theatre System DAV-TZ135 (SEALED BOX PACK)

    Product Description :SONY Home Theatre System DAV-TZ135 Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:SONY Home Theatre System DAV-TZ135 (SEALED BOX PACK) & http://www.sony.co.in/product/dav-tz135 Expected Price: Rs 8,000/- Time of Purchase: Feb 2012 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty...
  20. R

    Budget HomeTheatre

    Hi I need a home theatre for around 10-12k .. Pls suggest some good models.. Also I would like to know what all things can a home theatre do...
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