1. Ratul Upadhyay

    Full HD/4K TV | Non-Smart | Under 60k

    1. Budget? Under 60k, can be extended by 10-20k if there's something out there that can't be missed out on. 2. Display type and size? Full HD or 4K, I can use your recommendations on use cases and future proofing. Preferably, not less than 49 inches, my current (now broken) LG one was a 42 inch...
  2. H

    Suggestion needed for 32 inch and 24 Inch TV..

    Primary requirement - Very Good picture and sound. Wall Mount must Non Smart TV Service Centres in Hyd I'm planning to use Tata HD DTH for 32 inch and STB for 24...
  3. T

    Sony 4K HDR TV or Samsung UHD 4K Smart TV

    I'm looking forward to buy a new television this new year and according to my budget, I've narrowed the search to these two models - Sony 43 X83D 4K HDR with Android TV or Samsung 43 UHD 4K Smart TV KU6470. I would like to know which would be better of the two as a whole. Also I'd like to hear...
  4. R

    Buying Help for 32 Inch TV

    1. Budget? 35k 2. Display type and size? Full HD, LED, 32 inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Normal us, watching movies, matches, news etc. 4. Ports Required? 3 or 4 5. Preferred choice of brand? LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic 6. Any TV/monitor in consideration? NO 7. Any other info that you...
  5. sandynator

    Advice on 32" Full HD or HD Ready Television & best 2 channel powered speakers for television use

    I'm planning to get 32" television in next 2-3 months or it could be early also if I get some VFM Offers. My needs as below.... Main use of Television would be normal SD Channel viewing through DTH providers Currently using Reliance Digital TV since almost last 7 years & may shift to...
  6. G

    which tv should i go for??? confused

    hi i am looking to buy a tv these are what i have narrowed down to sony 42w900b 74000INR 3d smart full HD Motionflow XR 400 Hz sony 48R482b 68000INR full HD but refresh rate is low Motionflow XR 100Hz lg 49lb6200 74000INR 3d full HD refresh rate is low Dynamic MCI (Hz) 100 (50Hz) lg...
  7. jackal_79

    Good Old Indian Television!

    I know that there is already a thread for TV shows. But most of the discussions are about US TV shows. Haven't seen an indian show mentioned. Understandable, given the current state of affairs of our indian channels (regional & National). Almost every channel is filled with either reality shows...
  8. S

    32 inch LED around 25k

    I am looking for a 32 inch LED around 25k. NO need of smart features, will be using mostly for watching TV. Should have best picture quality. I have two in mind. Which one should I get or there are better options. Philips 32PFL6357 32 Inches Full HD LED Television - Buy Online @...
  9. ithehappy

    A cheap Full HD television within 20k, possible?

    As the title says. The TV will be used as a monitor cum television, no gaming will be done, so don't bother about input lags and all those. This is for my cousin. And budget is strictly limited within 20k. No brand preference. Display size should be 24" or 26" Thanks in advance.
  10. N

    best HD/FHD LED TV

    best HD/FHD LED TV under 25k ..which has less response time and has 5 or 6ohz refresh rate plss ..find best tvs thankx
  11. Cool Buddy

    A cheap television Setup

    I want a cheap television setup. Budget is around 15k. Since the quality of TVs in this range is questionable and I would be using an STB anyways, I was thinking of buying Dell S2240L. I will pair this with a HD STB using HDMI and connect a stereo or 2.1 speaker separately. Is it a good...
  12. A

    Which one's more in demand LED or LCD TV?

    There's no doubt that both LED television & LCD televisions differ in few major aspects. The light-emitting diodes in LED give much better picture display than LCD which stands with a conventional LCD TV display. With LED the better contrast, lesser heat dissipation and thinner panel feature is...
  13. shyamsn00

    [Q] Use 5.1 PC speakers with TV?

    I have a Creative Inspire T6160 PC speaker system, but in the current setup of my computer, there's hardly any "surround" sound. So I thought os using the speakers with my new TV, an LG 32LS5700. There is a "PC Audio Input" jack in its rear, but I don't know how to connect the 3 jacks of the 5.1...
  14. A

    Full Length Movies & TV Shows on Youtube

    whats with the growing number of old classic films uploaded in youtube, be it hindi, tamil, telugu, hundreds of titles are available, that too in 720p resolution. So many TV Shows are also being upload. i was pleasantly surprised to see old comedies like dekh bhai dekh, office. I dunno about the...
  15. U

    Technology fast forward; from 3D TV to holographic TV?

    What is the future of Television? Glasses 3D TV and OLED TV - from Toshiba and LG respectively - that can be stretched and twisted is yesterday’s news. What more technological advancement will we be able to see in this category within our life time? Or how do you wish to see the Television...
  16. A

    Budget Speakers for my 40 inch Television around 5000.

    Few months ago, i purchased my first big screen LED- 40 Inch Samsung D5500. Everything was great, except for the sound which sucked big time. I connected my computer speakers, Creative SBS A300 immediately to check the difference, it was awesome. I never thought i would require sound system for...
  17. A

    Why Television failed to become smart?

    Its a question thats often puzzles me, we see all gadgets around us becoming smarter, be it the phone, digital camera, music players, tablets etc- the features, the controls, the freedom, the capabilities are increasing manifold . When i realized the way we can control entertainment while doing...
  18. bongourav

    24" LCD TV Buying Advice

    Hi friends, Thinkdigit has always helped me whenever I have needed a reliable buying advice. I need yet another help from you guys. I want to buy a 24" LCD television for home. Good display and audio are my only requirements as it will be used by my grandparents. So, the best value for...
  19. N

    buying guidance TV‏

    I have decided to buy new television for my home use(max up-to up-to 42 inch). Our budget is below 70 thousand Indian rupee. I am confused with making decision because of lot of choices are there in market. Please guide me, which will be best television for home use at requested configuration...
  20. Zangetsu

    Angry Birds in TV

    Angry Birds to hit television this year; movie by 2015 :mrgreen: Angry Birds will soon be a weekly TV cartoon series :wink: more info: Angry Birds to hit television this year; movie by 2015
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