1. N

    Slow Upload Speed

    I have been getting slow upload speed since a rain in last week.But I have normal download speed.Frequent disconnection of bsnl broadband.Sometimes DSL link light modem was OFF.Sometimes it was ON but internet light OFF.There was also a lot of noise on the telephone line.Whenever it worked...
  2. R

    Locked phones UNLOCKING from US

    hey guys i want to know "Whether I can buy a locked phone from US and unlock it here in INDIA and use it for our networks" ? If Yes How to do it? Can I do it at Home or need some Technician ? please reply back Phone I'm referring to is MOTOROLA ATRIX 2
  3. A

    hard drive problem

    Hello guys; Recently my sister's laptop malfunctioned. We took it to a shop (guarantee period has expired). The technician tried to format the system but couldn't do it. He said the hard drive was malfunctioning. After replacing the hard drive the problem persisted and according to the...
  4. The Incredible

    Excessive hibernation damages Hard Disk ?

    Whether excessive hibernation in Windows XP damages the Hard Disk's plotter ?? My technician says so. How to stay secure ?
  5. Cool G5

    Hazy Monitor = Doubting PC Technician

    Whenever I turn on my computer the display goes hazy or at times it fails to even come up. I tried the machine with other monitor but there too it failed to give any display. The PC Specs are : MSI PM8M V Motherboard Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHZ (Socket 478 ) 768MB DDR RAM (512+256) Zebronics 7300GT...
  6. O

    UPS querys

    ... heres wht i want to kno, can the ups battery be recharged by an outside source if so wher(xcept computer technician)...? searched all of digit but couldnt find anythin regardin UPSs:(
  7. U

    What do i do with a non-working pc(I don't want to pollute)

    I have a 7 year old compaq presario 7000 serious pc(not working):- p4 1.5 ghz 2x128 infineon 800 mhz rdram intel d850gb mother-board 40 gb segate hard disk(working 100%) 128 mb xfx geforece 6200(1-year old) Whn I turn on the pc, the owerlight comes on the fan spins and that's it. When the...
  8. techx

    Any PC technicians here( introduce ur self)

    I am new to this forum. I am a PC technician in UAE;) . Any one here is a PC technician in india or uae. introduce ur self( on where u work and what designation) :) . I will be waiting.:p :p :p :p
  9. Ambar

    how to set up static IP with MTNL BB???

    i got a static Ip free with my mtnl connection but i am not able to configure the it in the router om not able create a CS1.6 dedicated IP add is of the form have seen INDIAGAMES GOD servers running on the same kind of IP....i contacted MTNL but there...
  10. A

    SEVERE Overheating Problem...

    Hello people! First things first, yes i did see the "Overheating problems" sticky thread. But i felt like i needed to start this as another thread coz of the long history of actions that i have taken to try solving my problem... And plus, i am bugged, frustrated, humiliated and baffled now...
  11. official

    Need MS Office (English)in China

    Hi Frens, My Big Brother lives in china.He had to format his system two days ago.He is not much aware in these fields so he had called a technician there and he did the job.Now the MSOffice software the technician had loaded is in chinese and of no work to him.He had asked me of the English...
  12. F

    Winamp not playing Radio Stations:((

    Hi All, I dunno whats wrong. But ever since I moved to a DSL line(and that was yesterday), I'm not being able to listen to Winamp Radio Stations(that I could listen to when I had a dialup). Interestingly, the stations in Windows Media Player are working fine...except, again, a few of...
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