1. H

    Best DTH Tata Sky or Sun Direct ?

    Which DTH gives best quality HD channels at best price? Please provide their package and their respective price? I'm not aware of how these packages work.. I live in Hyderabad. I want these in HD channels Telugu,English movies,history,NGC etc.. any hindi music channel and sports is...
  2. CommanderShawnzer

    Videocon d2h vs TataSky HD.Help me decide

    As in title,confused b/w both of these two DTH providers Which is better and VFM? I find myself inching towards tatasky but their prices are a deterrent(HD access fee? wtf? are we cows to you??? :x ) Also where will they fit the dish? Not everyone has a balcony/verrandah/terrace
  3. H

    Getting Rid of TataSky...

    Hi Everyone, Its been a long time since I came onto this forum... Need some help on DTH services and looking forward to your feedback. I am planning to give the TataSky connection that i have for more than 3 years a kick in the rear end. All because they do not provide the one...
  4. R

    DTH buying- TataSky OR Dish TV

    I live in rajasthan. I was not satisfied with my cable connection so I got disconnect It last month. I am planning to subscribe a DTH service for about one year but I am still confused about It. Which DTH service should I subscribe -TataSky OR Dish Tv? Should I subscribe now or still I better...
  5. V

    tatasky set top box is hd raddy?

    hi all i want to buy tatasky but my little question to all. is tatasky settop box is hd rady. or i want to bye another set to box when hd broadcasting available in india .and i want to know more abt digital broadcasting and hd broadcasting
  6. fun2sh

    Connecting TATASKY to Laptops

    Q. Is it possible to connect the tatasky digicomp to laptops n watch tv on laptops which dont have a TV Tunner Card?? if not then wat kind of hardwares,cables,etc r required? :D
  7. sourav

    how! a infrared 'transmitter'

    how! to make a infrared 'transmitter' i want to use a remote controller of a device from another room which is far away. is their anyway? please sugget. i think we can take a infrared receptor & infrared bulb. I know infrared receptors are available at stores. We have to make make a...
  8. naveen_reloaded


    Guys i have seen everything about laptops to gadgets..so planned to start a thread regarding the next BIG thing..DTH Can we start with some updates.. DISHTV has changed to NSS5 satelite yesterday by 10 pm And the have said that DD and some FTA(Free To Air ) channels which were in the...
  9. G

    Tatasky ke uper dishtv

    Hi, everyone. I am a new fool in this forum. Yes fool because I don't know much about all in this forum. OK lets come to the point. Do anyone know how to watch Tatasky dth through dishtv's zenega STB? Another question is , do anyone know when is dishtv going to launch dish DVR. I heard that...
  10. K

    TataSky with TV Tuner

    Hey all does this tatasky or dishtv work with our internal/external tv tuner cards?? any experience??
  11. S

    dth vs cable

    which is better sevice in india dth or cable in dth which one is better tatasky or diginet
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