1. T

    data stick buying suggestion

    suggest me a good data stick which will work in rural network where no 3g network is available and even no guarantee of full strength 2g network. is this tata photon plus or reliance net connect broadband+ use satellite internet when there is no coverage of their network
  2. A

    [For Sale] Tata Sky HD + with 6 month HD access subscription

    Product Name: Tata Sky HD + Expected Price: Rs 3500 Shipping charges : Nill (only Mumbai ) Manufacturer page URL: HD DVR | Tata Sky+ HD | Record TV Description if any: its has 500GB HDD in it and has 6 months subscription of HD Access it's include STB Remote and HDMI cable (...
  3. dhawald

    Booked Tata Nano special edition after much research.

    Hi guys, I have booked Tata Nano special edition after doing much research on the car. was to be used mainly in city driving and some occasional highway use. Great space, Great mileage, great AC and very comfortable. will post pictures when I get the delivery.
  4. S

    TATA SKY HD >> through RCA >> <some connector> >> speakers

    Hello, I am planning to connect my laptop speakers to new led tv. Thus LED tv has no stereo 3.5mm jack, and has RCA plugs. So, 1. is it possible to connect this speakers to tv 2. is there any such cable which has 3.5 female to RCA male ? if yes then I am using TATA SKY HD which...
  5. G

    3G Dongle other than Tata Photon for Micromax Funbook Pro

    Hi guys, Can anybody advice,whether any 3G Dongle other than Tata Photon,can be used to connect internet on Micromax Funbook Pro? And what should be the detailed procedure for the same? Thanks in advance.
  6. A

    Get Tata Photon without dongle?

    Hello. I want a Tata Photon plus prepay connection without their dongle, is that possible?
  7. D

    HD DTH for SD Television

    Hi all, I am going to buy a LED TV(sometimes in near future ;) ), but right now I have a SD TV so to be future proof I want to buy a HD set-top box. My question is whether the HD set-top box works fine with SD televisions?? And if no than are there any plans that SD users can upgrade to HD...
  8. R

    Help me to connect my tablet to GPRS

    I bought a 7 inch tablet from this Ebay link assuming it was Momo9 but thetablet came with no name on it. However it working fine as of now.Is it possible to connect Tata photon plus for general browsing in this tablet.Am new to this hence adding some pictures.The tablet has a micro usb port...
  9. freshseasons

    Starbucks to open first outlet in Mumbai by October

    For a coffee connoisseur it doesn't get better than this. Starbucks finally shows the date after umpteen speculations all these years. Wow all these years sipping that hot cuppa abroad how i missed starbucks in India. Except for the one thing.I hope they source Arabica beans from abroad rather...
  10. R

    Tata Nano, Marutu 800 or Maruti Omni

    Hi all, I have to buy my 1st car and just got my driving license and I am not used to driving on street. I have to decide between these 3, TATA NANO, MARUTI 800 or MARUTI OMNI 8 Seater, no other choices. I will drive only inside city. I will have to buy within a week and I am very much...
  11. nseries73

    Tata sky hd 2 videocon d2h hd

  12. doomgiver

    Using Wireless USB Internet Dongle with Steam??

    Hi all, I have a USB dongle, and I wish to play games on Steam. The problem is that, Steam does not recognize the connection, and quits with an error. (could not connect to steam network) Here is the dongle I use : dongle Tata Photon Plus | Tata Photon | 9266555545 | Photon Plus It comes...
  13. msn

    Tata Sky + HD on Interest Free EMI

    Today, this what they have started offering in their Ad - 1. Tata Sky Plus HD STB 2. Installation 3. First Month HD Gold Pack Subscription 4. First Month Multi-TV Subscription All of these with Interest Free EMI Offer for an EMI of 1047.00 X 6 Months. This Offer available on Credit...
  14. D

    Need an Expertise Help ...please help me!!!

    Hi EveryOne, I want to connect tata sky SD with my CRT-monitor .I am having -- 1. Compaq Monitor 2. Tata Sky SetTop Box 3.TV Tuner of brand : UMAX TV5-3280 4. Cables : (a) MMI AVI Input (b) LINE OUT (c) Adapter (d) VGA cable : used for connecting TV tuner to CPU (not useful as I dont...
  15. M

    Full HD Monitor for PS 3 and TATA Sky???

    Hi Friends Need help in buying a Full HD Monitor (LED) with budget 10k to 12k (umm... 10K will be good :mrgreen: ) I recently bought a PS 3 and have a TATA Sky (not HD) DTH at Home. My old TV is good for DTH, but it's horrible for PS 3 :( I can't invest on a TV, so please suggest me a Full HD...
  16. C

    Problem: Tata Photon Plus doesn't work with Win7 64bit

    I'm using Tata Photon Plus (Huawei EC1260) and it used to work perfectly with WinXP I switched to Win7 Professional recently and since then, it has stopped working. Has anyone faced this problem? Any ideas as to how to fix it. INFO: The computer detects it as only a "USB Mass Storage...
  17. M

    Tata Sky HD & Avermedia H727 not communicating

    Hello friends I recently bought Tata Sky HD as well as Avermedia H727. However when i connect it through HDMI interface i am not getting any signal. Composite is working fine. I have a MSI HD 5850 graphics card which supports HDCP as well as Samsung Syncmaster 2033 monitor which also...
  18. amruth kiran

    good datacard(dongle) needed!!

    hey guys!! i live in bangalore. i need a usb dongle. the monthly payment should be for 1000 rs max. and for atleast 10 gb till fup. i have the tata photon +. it sucks. so please..!! i heard mts is good.
  19. S

    Need a DVI to HDMI Cable for Tata Sky+ HD

    Heyy Everyone,i need a DVI to HDMI cable for my Dell U2312HM:I need to watch Tata Sky+ on my Monitor,tried in Local Market but it is not available..they don't even know if any such kindda cable is available or not(fools said it might be available in Bangalore/Kolkata,we can't find it in Delhi even)
  20. Akshay

    Broadband in Pune

    I am moving to Pune next week and I am looking for a good broadband connection (unlimited plan - 512Kbps or better speed) in Karvenagar area. I am currently using Tata Wimax in Mumbai and they give me superb service and haven't faced any problem is ages.... I am not sure if Tata Wimax is...
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