1. ash2win

    Tata Photon+ with Olive V-ME102 USB modem in Ubuntu

    I am trying to configure Tata Indicom Photon+ mobile broadband with Olive V-ME102 USB modem that the vendor provided to me.Its manual says it is officially supported on Linux. I can't see it mounted or in mobile broadband section. I tried every possible help given for V-ME101 , but it is...
  2. Subro

    Fed up with slow internet speeds from Tata Photon+

    Hello friends, your help is again required in deciding what I should do. Since the last one year, I have been using Tata Photon+ with a plan 5GB Unlimited. According to this plan, I was told that till 5 GB, I will get 3.1 Mbps speed, thereafter my speed will reduce to 256 KBPS. But in...
  3. T

    Tata Photon+ slowness

    Hi, I got a Tata Photon+ today (15GB limit, then unlimited at lower speeds). Now, although the speeds were advertised as 3.1 mbps, I have yet to cross 256 kbps on any download. I'm thinking of returning it tomorrow , what are your experiences on this?
  4. Neeraj J

    3G data modem confusion

    Hi Friends, I am planning to go for 3G data plan and I am confused between 3G services & Tata Photon+,Reliance Netconnect+. Are these (Tata Photon+,Reliance Netconnect+) 3G enabled and gives speed like 3G??? Also I am thinking that if I go for Airtel 3G or Idea Netsetter like 3G modems what...
  5. C

    Tata sky hd+ 32" tv

    hi i have a Sony Bravia 32" LCD witj resolution of 1366x768 i am currently using tata sky DTH service. the picture quality is blocky and looks pixellated. would it be worthwhile to get the TATA SKY HD DTH service? what i want to know is if the tata sky HD would look better than standard DTH...
  6. abhijit_reddevil

    Confusion regarding DTH HD service provider

    Hi, Please help me decide which DTH HD service provider to choose in Kolkata. I am confused between Tata Sky HD and Airtel HD. In terms of HD packages: airtel hd-costs Rs.81 p.m. movies now hd star plus hd star world hd star movies hd nat geo hd star gold hd colors hd discovery...
  7. socrates

    Tata Indicom is now Tata Docomo

  8. A

    Opera Mini doesn't install

    I recently bought a Samsung GT E2652 Duos. After getting the settings for Tata Docomo i selected TATA DOCOMO INTERNET as my default setting. I went to m.opera.com on my stock browser and downloaded Opera Mini 6.1 as it was recommended for my mobile. It was installed and was running just fine but...
  9. R

    I need Tata Photon Plus Windows 7(64bit) EpiValley modem drivers

    I upgraded my laptop OS to Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit version and my first disapointment was tata photon plus not working. My photon device has EpiValley modem whose drivers are not availbel on photon site. I googled but no luck. Does anyone know how to use tata photon plus on windows 7 64...
  10. N

    router config

    I have a Asus wl-330N3G wireless router. I do have a Tata Photon Plus Dongle Huwei 1251 which is not compatible with the Wireless router, so I have very less hopes of sharing my Broadband internet connection. But I should be able to share the internet connection in network sharing mode...
  11. s18000rpm

    TATA DOCOMO 3G Data card USERS

    All the TATA DOCOMO 3G DATA CARD/ e-stick users post your "tata" experiences here. I'm in Bangalore, & have been using it since April 2011. Had a "okay" experience till it worked, had connection drop problems every day, but it was okay, atleast it compensated with 3mbps speed. but now...
  12. ritvij

    speakers for ps3

    Guys my brother has a ps3 and tata sky hd hooked up to a samsung 40" led TV.:grin: Now we want to buy a 5.1 surround setup that will basically be used for both the tata sky and gaming... I thought of the logetic z5550 and checked them out in croma. MIND BLOWING sound..:shock: but the problem...
  13. R

    How to connect Tata Sky + with my pc?

    Hii, i have a tata sky +. it gives an output of dvi. i have a 22 inch LG LED monitor which supports dvi/hdmi input. now the problem is that i cant find any compatible tv tuner or PCI express card to watch both TV and computer at the same time. Please suggest me an external/internal tvtuner...
  14. khmadhu

    need help in connecting creative T6100 to tata sky HD plus

    Hi. Recently I bought Creative T6100 5.1 speaker but it has 3 pins, orange, Black and green. But i want to connect this speaker to Tata sky HD Plus. but there are no matching ports in STB! Creative T6100 Backside the back side of tat sky STB is like the below. Also I am planning to...
  15. aniket.cain

    Need to share Tata Photon+ connection wirelessly

    Hello. First of all, my knowledge in networking is just next to nothing, so please bear with me. I am using a TATA Photon Plus USB modem for internet on my IBM R60 Laptop. I want to share the internet connection with my Android Phone, My friend's laptop and maybe his iPod touch. I tried...
  16. Vyom

    Which Wireless Internet is best among Tata Photon, MTS, Vodafone etc...

    Today's we have many options, like Tata Photon, MTS, Vodaphone, Idea, etc etc.. So, which ISP provides the best wireless internet among them?
  17. evewin89

    cheating methods of "TATA SKY"

  18. ithehappy

    Tata Docomo weird SMS issue! Help Needed

    Hi, I've recently taken a new Tata Docomo connection. My number is 89616-XXXXX and I am from Kolkata. I mainly use this to send SMS, but there are weird issues I am noticing.. 1- Delivery Report coming Late, after 5-6 mins If you send a SMS the message delivers instantly but sometimes, say...
  19. G

    Tata docomo[3g e stick]

    hello friends...If any one using tata docomo 3g estick..plz share their experiences regarding speed and connectivity..im from punjab.. regards
  20. B

    How to setup Tata wimax connection in Ubuntu 10.04

    Dear All, Anybody have idea how to setup Tata wimax 2.0 in Ubuntu 10.04? I am stuck with this topic From 36 Hours. Actually Ubuntu is trying to connect but after some time its says wired - Disconnected. Seems network card is installed properly. But its working fine on my lappy windows xp...
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