Help needed - DOCOMO sim not working with Nokia Asha 210


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Had purchased a Nokia Asha 210 Dual sim phone five days ago from a local dealer in my city,
The problem is when I insert my TATA DOCOMO sim in it, it shows "Registration Failed" :aaargh:
Whereas the TATA DOCOMO sim works perfectly fine in other phones,

Also my IDEA sim works perfectly fine in the device, but it fails to register the TATA DOCOMO sim,
Visited the DOCOMO gallery, but as the SIM works in other devices, there is nothing they can do,
And as in the phone,other sim cards work except TATA, I dunno whoz fault it really is..

Has anyone faced a similar problem like this? Any suggestions on what can be done next... :cry:


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I think you should take the phone to Nokia Priority and show them the problem.

But you know, these type of cases in India, will be ignored both by the Phone Manufacturer and SIM provider.

SIM Provider will say "the SIM is working in other phone means SIM is fine, we can't help."

Phone Service Center guys will say, "other SIM's are working so how can the SIM Slot / the Phone itself be faulty? We won't replace the device."

Still you go to Service Center and check what they says, if nothing works, ask Docomo to reissue a new SIM, it's matter of around 50/-.


I also face a similar issue..My docomo sim shows roaming symbol on my Xperia L..Docomo service centre guys said its problem with phone as their system database shows sim is in home network..
sony support guys are saying other sims work normal..problem is with docomo..they told me to port my number to other network.."yeah, if they are gonna pay for the extra cost" :/

It sucks when we pay this much & face this silly problem..A lot of people are also facing the problem same as mine..check out this : Main: Community: Xperia L


docomo sims have issues
my phone would not connect to 2G after updating to gingerbread and would work fine on froyo
no issues with an airtel sim
changed the sim and it worked for a few months and later pooped again
gave up on 2g with docomo


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Finally! the sim is working now..:hyper:
Had also met the dealer from whom I had purchased the phone,
he had said that he'll mail some person from nokia or someone,regarding this query,
and the sim will work the next day,
But today, I had lost all hope of the sim working,
Thanks for your suggestions ppl,krishnandu,gollum,ashs1 :-D

This thread can be closed now.

P.S - quite liking this method of answering the capital of places before I post anything :)
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