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  1. sshaggy

    Need suggestion for a sim based CDMA phone

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent CDMA handset which can work with tata indicom sim card. It seems that CDMA is a dying breed, and I'm the only few of the people who is using it. There are lack of resources and reviews. I have been carrying two phones since as long as I can remember. One for talking...
  2. Z

    Best wireless headphone under 2k ?

    Hi guys m planning to buy wireless headphones for my nexus 5 and my laptop. My budget is 2k and i'l be using it for lil bit music and talking over phone ,also watching movies on my laptop. Suggestions please ?
  3. Harsh Pranami

    Wireless broadband providers in bangalore????

    Hi friends. Are there any wireless broadband service providers in bengaluru?? Only one I can think of is Wimax. I'm not talking about evdo or 3g connections. Please help.
  4. CommanderShawnzer

    AMD FX 4100 VS Intel i3 3220 (gaming)

    the title explains it all and i'm talking about gaming with a graphics card and without one.both
  5. P

    How is Nokia101

    hi friends, I am planning to buy Nokia 101 but when I read the reviews in Flipkart, people are saying that it has coverage problems, low volumes during the calls and speaker turning on while talking.....is this all true??? Any 101 users here who can help me out??? Thanks, Priyanka
  6. koolent

    Talking about Modding.. Some Problems.. :)

    Hi, I want to ask about modding my case.. PSU - Corsair CX430 v2 Well, I will not be buying strips and Rods as my Case has no side window, but wherever I can I will.. So basically I am talking about Individual 2v LEDs, haw many 2v LEDs can be installed to one 4-Pin connector ? The...
  7. NitrousNavneet

    F1 driver....

    Now there is a track also... But we (specially me) still don't know how to become a F1 Racer and how much a man can get by racing...(talking about $ $ )
  8. krishnandu.sarkar

    Few Queries About Motorola Atrix

    Hey guys, I'm considering Motorola Atrix this Diwali :P So, I have few queries regarding the phone and buying process. 1. I have heard that Video Calling is not supported in Android except Gingerbread. Is that so?? I'm not talking about Skype or something else, I'm talking about Video...
  9. V

    Nokia C1 01 or C1 02

    Does anybody have this phone ? do you know if the voice recorder is unlimited(records till mem card has space) and how is the quality of voice recodings, plz note I am talking about voice recording for meetings etc not call recordings.. voice recordings for 8-10 feet please help
  10. leo61611616

    Talking Newspaper from The Times of India

    Everyone who opened today's edition of The Times of India, where in a shock when they found their newspaper talking. The world’s largest circulated English daily, Times Of India surprised it's readers by placing a small embed audio device inside the newspaper. As people opened the page, they...
  11. G

    Job unveils iPhone 4

    iPhone4 unveiled at WWDC Good keynote...i find one thing funny...he was talking abt 5MP Camera...wtf 5MP for 200$ phone... Retina thing is good
  12. rhitwick

    Full LED TV

    Well caught the ad of Full LED TV by LG... What is a Full LED TV? I guess they are talking about LED backlighting, but what is full LED??
  13. soumya

    Microsoft Pledges at Least $1.25M in Aid for Haiti

    Microsoft Corp. says it will give at least $1.25 million in cash and in-kind donations to relief efforts in Haiti. The world's largest software maker says its disaster response team is talking to humanitarian relief agencies about how to help. Source ABC NEWS
  14. D

    What to See While Talking ????

    I am very shy and I feel uncomfortable talking to the person seeing his face. But when i try to do so i get confused whether to see the eyes or mouth. I keep switching from the two positions and finally get irritated and resort to bend head. What should i be seeing while talking a to a person.
  15. N

    Need help in a New PC assemble

    hello everyone, i am planning on buying a new pc , which can play new/latest games with good performance, i dont want a pc which gives the best fps for games, but good enough... My budget is around 25-30 k INR , can ya guys suggest me some hardware ??? I'll be grateful ... the games i'm...
  16. R

    VOIP phones

    Can you suggest some good voip cheap phones to call within india. unlimited talking.
  17. B

    Does your PC use its idle CPU/GPU cycles to fold?

    Hi, The subject says it! I am not going to make my question any clearer... I hope you understand what I am talking about.... Join thousands of users around the world and start Folding today!
  18. R

    What are the extensions in firefox borwser everyone talking about?

    I really want to know wat are those extensions everyone talking about...And wat are they used for?..can someone give some examples to undestand about it?
  19. S

    Problem in New Motorola E6

    hey every, i just bought this cell , Motorola E6 , its been 2 weeks, but when i am talking on the ph then after some sec. say 48 sec. while talking , its start giving some noise, so pls suggest me wht to do. help me out thnx :(
  20. Krazy Bluez

    Emulator for mobile ?

    Does there exists any emulator for mobiles to play JAR or SIS files ? I would love to play my mobile games on computer !:D P.S= I am not talking about any promotion of illegal-ties here ! lol
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