Talking about Modding.. Some Problems.. :)



I want to ask about modding my case.. PSU - Corsair CX430 v2

Well, I will not be buying strips and Rods as my Case has no side window, but wherever I can I will..

So basically I am talking about Individual 2v LEDs, haw many 2v LEDs can be installed to one 4-Pin connector ?

The configuration is in my signature and I want to add 4 fans to my Cabinet also, will this PSU be enough as I will get The PSU and The graphics card it by the end of his month..


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asuming those are normal 120mm fans each power draw is about~4W

so 4x4W=16W

a 1meter led strip ~10W(dont know exactly)

4 pin connector have +5v|GND|GND|+12V
so you cannot directly use those LEDs, u need some resistance. Otherwise they will burn.
Instead you can purchase led strips ~Rs.120/meter
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more leds = more power consumptions (it is nominal though). Yes, case may look great but u need transparent side panel as well, to see 'diwali lightings' inside ur case ...:D
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