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  1. I

    A dialougue on Development & Environment, Gadgil - Bhaduri, Goa University

    Interesting talk which highlights what's happening in India when it comes to 'development' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkD8-UDNGQI
  2. M

    Motorola - Worst after sales service

    Dear friends, I purchased Moto-G from flipkart in March 2014, after some days I felt sound quality through ear-piece is not good, slowly it deteriorated to extent that I could not understand most of conversations. I tried factory reset two time, but it could not help. So I went to Local...
  3. digit1191

    The Stanley Parable

    Has anyone tried this game yet? This game is really a total mindf*ck. (In a good away) I really enjoyed playing it. It is funny too :D Try it whenever you get a chance. And do tell me what all endings you got. I've got lots to talk about :D
  4. windchimes

    Any good eating joint near Mumbai Airport?

    This forum has always been a savior and I am sure this one would be a test in its own regard and I hope it won't disappoint :) One of my school friend is landing from abroad to Mumbai in the eve with a connection flight of his after 5-6 hrs from Domestic Airport. Want to meet him and talk...
  5. sumonpathak

    HD 7970 Matrix Platinum Unboxing

    hey guys.... got my hands on this a while ago..though i would share some pics with you. What we have today is the single gpu king from AMD the Matrix Platinum HD 7970. this particular Sample comes courtesy of Asus so a big thanks to them for providing me with a sample. Now coming to the card...
  6. S

    Lumia 620 gets priced for Rs 15,200 on flipkart..

    finally the phone is here and its super cheap..also for those of you who think 1300mAh is smaller than that on 8S, according to most reviews it delivers more stand by and talk time..
  7. Anorion

    what kind of music do you hate?

    what kind of music can you not bear to listen? bands/ genres/ songs will do? for me its rap (though I like slam, talk and poetry) dubstep radiohead and pink floyd
  8. V

    Connecting Pendrive to Micromax Funbook talk Tablet

    I want to connect Pendrive to my Micromax funbook talk p350 Tablet but it has mini USB port, so suggest me what are the ways to connect it. Is there any cable that i can purchase.
  9. sumit_anand

    Microsoft to Buy Dell??

    There has been some reports that have claimed that microsoft is in private talks to buy the US computer giant Dell.Though both Dell and microsoft have denied to talk anything about this but as per CNBC new channel, this news is pretty much true...
  10. A

    micromax funbook talk not booting

    Three days before I bought new Micromax Funbook Talk tablet but today I put It for recharging and after that It is not booting at all .I tried recharge it from USB also but frustrating ..till today it was working fine and now this problem .I am really disappointed .
  11. 1

    talk and weather app dosen't update on data

    Hi All, I recently brought S3 and have a Airtel's connection in pune. My in build talk app which is g talk and accuweather app doesn't work with data.talk always shows status offline and accuweather doesn't update at all on data. But the both works fine on WIFI. First i thought ist...
  12. S

    4K resolutions in TV

    What is all this talk about 4K resolutions in TV? What are the current TV brands that have 4K?
  13. A

    Linus Torvalds: 'NVIDIA is the worst we've ever dealt with' and shows middle finger to NVIDIA

    Fresh from receiving technology prize plaudits, Linux creator Torvalds is still telling it how it is. In a recent Q&A session at Aalto University in Finland, he said that NVIDIA was "single worst company we've ever dealt with," responding to an audience member's question on her Optimus-powered...
  14. Tenida

    [SOLVED] Google play problem on Micromax Funbook

    Google Play is not opening on my new Micromax Funbook. It says ''connection timeout'' whenever I tried to open it. Other application like google map, google talk and youtube running absolutely fine, no problem whats-so ever. When I first open the google play, I set the existing gmail a/c and it...
  15. Sarath

    Google Android vs Apple iOS: Discussion

    Own an iPhone or a Droid, then let us know what you think about it This thread is to share your experience with your mobile devices running either on Android or iOS; any version from the oldest Android G1 or the iPhone to the newest of devices. The word of importance here is "user experience"...
  16. KDroid

    Apple wants to 'talk iPhone' on October 4th

    Well, it's about freaking time! Apple has finally begun sending out invites for its upcoming press conference, and the company's being none too subtle with the hints, offering up some familiar app icons in the artwork and the tagline "Let's talk iPhone." As to whether it'll be an iPhone 5, 4S or...
  17. G

    Google announced voice & video chat for Android 2.3

    Google has announced a new version of Google Talk with video and voice chat for Android 2.3 (codenamed Gingerbread) devices. The new app lets you video or voice chat over a 3G data network, a 4G data network, or over Wi-Fi. The other person can be either using a compatible Android tablet or...
  18. furious_gamer

    Our company restricted mobile phone usage!!!!

    Yes, you read it right. They restricted the usage and we have to surrender our mobiles at reception. But we can make calls if we want, but the thing is we need to go to reception, get the phone and talk. So we almost lost the memory that we have a cell phone while in office. Now, for...
  19. iinfi

    google talk on mobile

    can i get google talk for my nokia e63?? is it possible to get gtalk for nokia e63 ...
  20. celldweller1591

    Hacker Develops ATM Rootkit

    One year after his Black Hat talk on Automated Teller Machine security vulnerabilities was yanked by his employer, security researcher Barnaby Jack plans to deliver the talk and disclose a new ATM rootkit at the computer security conference. He plans to give the talk, entitled "Jackpotting...
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