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  1. dashang

    Visual Studio 2013 Error in Adding Service Reference

    Hello, i created one project in visual studio 2013 and i had a .wsdl file , i added Service Reference using .wsdl file, after adding it generated binding tags and client tags automatically . But when i updated my service reference the tags became empty . I had copy of previous project too ...
  2. N

    Best Music Online Library_ Bollywood

    Which is the best site to listen to music but with correct filename tags attached ? I mean no Site's name in the end of it. So that one can easily sort music in a good way. I m not looking for software to edit tags . . just the site which doesnt promote itself in the tags .
  3. AVT

    File Manager - For documents like picasa is for pictures

    I have lots of 2-15 pages pdf files, office documents and I want them in a location from where they are easy to access. I had the same problems with my pictures but picasa takes care of the problem beautifully. Is there some comparable functionality availabe for office documents ? I'd...
  4. Desmond

    Currency with RFID tags?

    I've been thinking about all the corruption that is plaguing our nation today. This mostly happens due to the facilities to move money unnoticed, thus resulting in accumulation of large amounts by a few individuals without anyone getting a sniff of what's going on. Therefore, I was wondering...
  5. U

    HTML Tutorials

    HTML & CSS Tutorials Check these out, pretty detailed :) Part 1 - Introduction Part 2 - Introduction Part 3 - Images and Links Part 4 - Tables and lists Part 5 - Forms Part 6 - Frames and iFrames Part 7 - Head Tags Part 8 - Image Maps Part 9 - Extra Tags CSS Part 1 - Overview Part 2 - Fonts...
  6. kalpik

    Now embed youtube videos on the forum!

    Just enclose the youtube video "ID" in tags. Like so: [youtube]4LzMAXqu8qU
  7. chiragjain22

    How can I edit Mp3 Tags Online???

    I am designing a PHP site, Is there any utility through which I can edit MP3 file's IDE Tags or remove any IDE Tag associated with that MP3 File.
  8. ring_wraith

    ID3 Tagging

    My entire music collection is properly tagged, in the sense, the Artist and Song Title ID3 tags are properly filled in. However, the Album tag is not filled in. This sucks coz I really wanted to use the Cover Flow Mode in iTunes, not to mention Genius. Is there any software I can use to...
  9. IronManForever

    mp3 ID3 tag editor? Any ideas?

    Now guys, the problem is; I have a huge collection of music. But its very un-organised. :( And most Music Players worsen the issue. Thats because most of my songs do NOT have ID3 tags. And for many; its written wrong. Hence all the problem. Now I have found players which allow us to edit thos...
  10. NucleusKore

    How to make a vernacular language site in html

    I think the question says it all. Now if I want to make pages in, say, Kannada, how exactly do I go about it? Do I write in Kannada in between the html tags using a particular font?
  11. abhi_10_20

    External HDD to buy.

    guys, please suggest some external hdd..... i am planning buy today evening on SP road.... please specify the price tags too.... and i am looking for a 160 GB one..
  12. shady_inc

    Edit ID3 tags in Nokia 6630??

    How can edit the ID3 tags of my music files in Nokia 6630??Any software available to do so would be great.:p
  13. R

    sw for 5300 s40v3

    guyz i need the foll. s/ws for my s40 v3 phone 1.a media player(divx,xvid) 2.an audio player capable of creating playlists,editing tags and with lots of presets 3.a phone settings tweaker(pc version will do)
  14. Ankur Mittal

    ncrease your WEI score... manually! (performance index), Windows Experience Index

    Navigate to C:\Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore\xxxx-xx-xx xx.xx.xx.xxx Assessment.WinSAT.xml. Open it with notepad. Approximately one 'paragraph' down, you will see listings between the 'winspr' tags. These listings include 'system score', 'memoryscore', 'cpuscore', 'cpusubaggscore'...
  15. Samystic

    Mp3 Tags Missing in Win Explorer Detailed view

    I always use detailed view for a folder containing my MP3s...but suddenly my tags have gone missing from the detailed view ...though Winamp, WMP and other players show them...even right clicking MP3 file>Properties>Advanced does not show any Tags.... Can any kind soul please help me restore...
  16. bizzare_blue

    Editing tags using WMP10

    I wanted to know which tag info (ID3v1 or ID3v2) is edited when we edit tags using WMP10...because when I edit tags using WMP10 and play the files in Real Player...the change in tag info is not displayed. When I do vice-versa i.e. edit tags using Real Player and play them in WMP10, the change...
  17. V

    surround sound headphones

    can u guys recommend 5.1 Surround sound headphones available in India along with their price tags.:)
  18. F

    Simple Wordpress SEO Tutorial

    There is nothing extreme in this tutorial, All these techniques are easy to implement and highly effective. :p Permalinks By default, WordPress gives out ugly post URLs that read like database entries. For example, a typical WordPress post URL would be something like this...
  19. go4saket

    How To Remove ID Tags from MP3 Songs...

    Hello guys! I converted a few audio CD's to MP3 and then renamed all files according to their titles. Now, after transferring them to my MP3 player, although the names show fine, but when I play the files, it again shows the track number that it actually has when it was in the audio CD rather...
  20. P

    Hindi ID3 Tags

    Hi guyz, Do u know any such website which has database of hindi film songs and using which i can fill the ID3 Tags of my HINDI songs collection? I would b grateful for HELP!
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