1. B

    4 broadband connection in one switch

    I have 4 broadband connection and I cannot afford connectivity issues in internet connection, can somebody tell me about any device that can be used which help in connecting to the alternate internet connection when one broadband connection goes down. Thanks Bhumit Choudhary ~snip~
  2. vito scalleta

    Sony xperia ZR Switching off

    Hey guys. My friend has a problem with his Xperia Zr He says after the lollipop update his phone switches off when the battery level falls below 15%. Any solutions ??
  3. GammaLazer

    New Keyboard: Red switch or Blue?

    Hey everyone I am pretty new to mechanical side of keyboards. I am right now using Logitech G105 and want to switch over to the mechanical keyboards. But the problem is the even after reading best of guides online I am unable to decide to which kind of switch should I use? I am mainly a...
  4. mikael_schiffer

    Why cant someone make a low priced mechanical GAMING keyboards??

    TVSE makes mechanical keyboards that last decades, and performs up to notch all through out. And it cost Rs1900 Then there are those "gaming" keyboards with unnecessary gimmicks like 1GHZ POLLING and other bullcraps that cost at least Rs8000 There are cheap "gaming" keyboards at Rs 3000...
  5. S

    Cisco Router & Switches want to buy in kolkata

    Hi Friends, i want a help,i recently study in ccnp, but not enough in lab,so i want to buy some routers and switch, can anyone help me where should i buy second hand or used working router & switches in kolkata,if anyone know then pls reply ...
  6. B

    Laptop Switches off while loading windows

    hi... i have a Toshiba M500 (should not have bought it two years ago) laptop. My laptop is installed with Win7 ultimate. For the last four i am experiencing some problems with the lap. whenever i switches on the laptop it boots and the windows splash screen appears. At that time the laptop...
  7. vishalg

    Is this behaviour normal for an APC UPS??

    i recently bought an APC UPS 1.1KVA now whenever i switch it on, the green light flashes and the fan turns on for few seconds and then switches off and the green led stops flashing. is it normal for the UPS to do so, is it some kind of a test???
  8. T

    Need Suggestions for a good surge protector

    My sub-woofer got fried yesterday when i saw a bright spark from my current pinnacle surge protector. I have learnt the lesson and i now need suggestions for a new good quality surge protector. I would prefer one with individual switches but i cant find any of the good brands to have individual...
  9. V

    Is this possible ???

    Is it possible to have 2 LAN connections on one machine with unique IP address of each ? The problem is we friends want to connect our entire housing complex as one BIG LAN !!! (for gaming and file sharing ) The problem is ... We each have an MTNL connection for internet . So one lan port...
  10. R

    Seriously Wierd Problem (plz Help)

    I am running windows xp on an intel4 cpu 2.66ghz 480 ram but recently a wierd problem has come up whenever i play a game on my pc it switches off completely in the middle of the game after 18mins or so everytime it also switches off when i try to save more than 20mb of clip after working on...
  11. H

    strange prob with ups & monitor

    my frnd has bought a new pc. the config is: X4 9850 @ 2.9GHz MSI K9A2-GM 3GB DDR2 667 320GB hdd Palit HD 4850 512MB (Catalyst 8.9 installed) HP dvd i1035 dvd rw drive Glacial Stars GA-500W psu HP w1907 monitor (connected with a dvi-d-sub adapter and d-sub cable) HP 800VA ups now the prob: 1st...
  12. Arun the Gr8

    Monitor switches off automatically in Ubuntu 8.04. Help!

    I recently installed Ubuntu 8.04, n since i m no pro of linux, i m not able to solve this problem of mine. My monitor, an old Samsung Samtron 55v 15" crt, automatically switches of in Ubuntu and even after trying everything i can it remains so. if i manually restart the pc, d montor starts...
  13. phuchungbhutia

    Infected by commwarrior . . .

    My friends 6630 . . . Has been infected by this virus . . Phone switches off . . How do i remove it . . Please someone .
  14. godsownman

    PC Starts -> Switches Off -> Starts

    Hi guys, My PC has got this problem. When I start it the power light starts and 2 seconds later the PC switches off, Then within a second sometimes it starts on its own or I have to press the switch again for it to start. This has been happenning quite often now and its generally after the...
  15. B

    control light switches from TV remote

    Can anyone tell me how can I control light switches from my TV remote?
  16. D

    can v create one seperate portion for Routers and Switches Related discussion ?

    can v create one seperate portion for Routers and Switches Related discussion ?
  17. G

    Networking Efficiency

    Is it true that we can increase the efficiency of Network by using combination of gigabit switches with ethernet switches.
  18. C

    Auto on in Intel 865GBF

    Is there any option where I can set a time in the BIOS so that my D865GBF mobo automatically switches the computer on..
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