hardware problem OR software problem?

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I have loaded WindowsME into my new AMD2800+,512 MB DDR RAM 400MHz, Samsung 7200 rpm Hard Disk,MSI K8MM-ILSR motherboard system. When I tried to start the OS the computer was automatically switched off. On restart the choice for starting in normal mode, safe mode etc. appeared whichever choice I made the system either froze or switched off the computer. What could be the reason?


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- remove any additional cards u might have installed
- reinstall me
- win ME only brought out the worst in ME , dump it and go for 98/xp dual


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:arrow: remove extra cards((as suggested above))

:arrow: remove all the wires from the bak of the cabinet except power cable,monitor,mouse,kboard

:arrow: u have 2 256MB chips or a single 512 ?? if u have 2,remove 1chip nd try...

:arrow: nd DUMP ME...go for XP or 98....ME S****! :wink:
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