Reliance gone mad

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Broken In
Well when I am browsing the net the connection keeps on disconnecting.
I am using reliance web service.
This problem appeared when i switched to win 2k from win me.
If i ask reliance helpline they say update your windows help me please.


Cyborg Agent
Major issue for disconnection >>

poor cabling... disturbance in line ...

check out these....

:arrow: disable call waiting....

:arrow: update the modem drivers

:arrow: lower the connection speed >> modem properties> maximum port speed to 57600

:arrow: uncheck "wait for dial tone before dialing " on the same window

:arrow: go to run > msconfig nd remove bekar programs frm there.

:arrow: run adaware and spybot...its possible sum malware/spyware is trying to connect to net,nd in the process disconnects u...

nd IF POSSIBLE....move away frm dialup to broadband!!! :wink: :wink:
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