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Hey guys! I was in search of a good financial accounting s/w. I know abt d presence of TALLY EES in d indian mkt. But, i wanna know if there's a better accounting software available - indian or foriegn. Is there? Or is tally D BEST???


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and digit carried a accounting s/w too ,( it was a trial version ) , search in the archives and see.


tally - way to go baby

Tally is the best if u r gonna by a genuine buiness accounting software

theres no use using pirated Tally coz it starts manupulating and corrupting old data after some time

The price of tally 6.3 SINGLE USER EDITION is abt 7k which is quite affordable considring the price i brot tally 5.4 abt 4 yrs back for 18k

Tally 6.3 is good enof if u wanna buy a genuine one or else check other freewares if u can handles those
as far as the user friendliness and other things go tally is really better than others worth the file size 1.5 mb :lol: (5.4 version)

and if u r buying a genuine tally then contact me i cod provide you with a 10% discount.


is there any financial accounting software according to the Indian Method or say MAHAJANI system?
Indian system of accounting called Mahajani Paddhati , Mahajani system is a full-fledged system of traditional double-entry accounting, used in India since times immemorial.



The system that these accounting softwares follow is better than the good old mahajani system. Even these softwares follow double entry accounting systems. If you exercise only little care, it is very difficult to make a mistake :)

I have never tried the inventory control of Tally, but otherwise it is a very good software and very easy too. The Tally guys have taken a great trouble in software designing and it shows!! Its truly value for money in 4950. But I think now the prices have increased a little.
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