Which S/W DVD Player is the Best??

Which software DVD player is the best?

  • Cyberlink Power DVD

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Power DVD sux in terms of sound of pir. dvds
WINDVD is sys heavy but has excellent sound but is less popular due to lack of distributions with drives or players


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i use DVDxPlayer Pro 3.0

Cheap, REGION FREE, very small install file (3.07MB)

difficult to purchase, same interface as in Power DVD (copied, i think)
sagar_coolx said:
y not win media player 10 ?
i have not tried playing dvd's on my p.c. dats y im asakin this qs.

WMP10 lacks decent dvd menu navigation. Also, you need to install WinDVD or PowerDVD first so WMP can use their MPEG2 decoding filters. MPEG2 decoders aren't included by default in Windows as they aren't free.

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