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  1. R

    Is svchost.exe a Virus !!

    I Just Read The December Issue of FastTrack , In a Chapter it was Mentioned that Windows Exeuction file called "svchost.exe" .. I Just Checked My PC if it was there by Opening Task Manager and then Processes Tab .. There Were Many svchost.exe running ... I Tried Closing it by clicking End...
  2. A

    Svchost.exe error

    Hey guy’s I got SVCHOST.EXE ERROR in my pc i have windows xp sp3. When I start my machine I got 2 error on my screen which screen shot I attach below if I terminate or cancel the error it will stop my network connection service. Plz help me I scan my machine with Symantec endpoint...
  3. C

    svchost.exe problem

    whenever I boot my win XP + sp2 system, svchost.exe process ran by network service keeps on running and take 100% cpu usage. If I stop the process the system restarts. how to stop it.
  4. Amir.php

    What is this(virus or anything else)???

    When i connect with internet , In the right side of the Task bar My avast Email Scanner Detect something suspicious. I cannot kill this process because the svchost.exe is windows process and there are many instance of this exe running con currently running in my system(11). And My CPU usage...
  5. N

    Svchost application error

    hi, I recently got my system infected by sm virus, it closes the network connections service , and my sytem gives an Svchost.exe application error .. i tried kaspersky but the virus disabled it, nothing was found wid avast and antivir ,,,,, kindly help
  6. R

    SVCHOST.EXE error!

    Hi all... I have been facing a weird problem with my system. After about 15 - 20 mins of normal functioning i get an error msg... "svchost.exe application error: The instruction at 0x6f8916e2 referenced memory at 0x00f8005c. The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program"...
  7. sagnik_bose

    svchost.exe error

    how to rectify this svchost.exe error which displays as:-the instruction at "0x00f13f3b"refereced memort at "0x00f13f3b".the memory could not be read. click OK to terminate the progarm click cancel to debug the program As soon as click on ok the system shoes RPC failure and restarts after 1...
  8. R

    unnecessary cpu 100% usage..really bugging..

    hello frnds I've a peculiar problem in vista(home premium) From the time the OS gets fully loaded the CPU usage reaches 100% and memory usage goes up to 70%.. am using 2.2 ghz core2duo processor and 2 gb ram.. this problem occurs for the past 1 week..i dint install any new software...
  9. Kalyan

    help needed.. I think that my pc has a spyware....

    Hi all.. Recently, my pc has been behaving strange. When windows starts, some 5-6 IE windows are opening displaying random ads. I installed Spybot, scanned. it detected some malwares but they were all cleared. I have Nod32 in my pc, updated. I also think there is some screen recorder...
  10. B

    problem with svchost.exe

    i have three instances of svchost.exe in my taskmanager.. i dont know if this is the cause for the problem.. its that my connection gets disconnected, and it wont redial,it shows svchost.exe error.. i use dataone home500 plan.. so i've scheduled it to connect to net at 2am and start...
  11. N

    svchost.exe : Safe or not?

    I am using Comodo Firewall Pro. In network traffic tab shows svchost.exe uses my 90% bandwidth. Also I feel Slow internet connection speed. Is this is a virus or not? Please help me....
  12. D


    in the task manager i have 6-8 instances of svchost.exe running at nytime from varied locations..System/local service/network..is it normal?? wht abt MDM.exe??it sometimes hogs all of cpu usage!!! how do i remove or correct it ??
  13. Ron

    Unknown Services

    Guys.. While opening the task manger…….I usually see unknown Processes running in my Pc like:……….. Rnathchk.exe Smss.exe Csrss.Exe Lsass.Exe Svchost.exe Spoolsv.Exe Hkcmd.exe Igfxtray.exe Svchost.exe Ctfmon.exe RealSched.exe………………. ……Could u please tell me the use of these services………….and...
  14. JohnephSi

    Win 32 services

    Win 32 services????????????:-x svchost.exe?????????????????
  15. koolbluez

    Firefox not running on system

    At an Inet centre, I noticed, FF not allowed to run... even upon reinstallation... as some stupid malware/virus/stupidfkincr@pware is preventing it from doin so... Process pointed to on checking is svchost.exe or so... Message got.. What is causing it? How to remove it? Checkin out the...
  16. R

    core.sys malware infection issue & resolution.

    Hi all, I have recently started noticing multiple instances of svchost.exe in my task mgr. also... for a period of a month i ran my net conn without any firewall.. now ie seems to be popping up for no reason and redirects me to an unknown web page... is my browser hijacked??? i have scanned...
  17. S

    svchost.exe crashes and no sound

    Hi, For last 2 days im facing this problem....... i installed a new pci sound card from zebroics it uses Some ES Maestro driver... as my 915gav onboard was not working...... since tht i started getting svchost.exe error C:\DOCUME~1\siva\LOCALS~1\Temp\WER5604.dir00\svchost.exe.mdmp...
  18. S

    svchost.exe infected!!!!!!

    I am using AntiVir XP, recently the file svchost.exe was infected by a virus. When the antivirus prompted about the infected file, i deleted it, now whenever i start my pc, and error message appears telling that svchost.exe was not found. How can i recover it, or do i face any problems in the...
  19. koolbluez


    What does this file, svchost.exe, exactly do? Whenever I try to access internet, my COMODO firewall shows it trying to access the network. Is it some windows-file-turned-trojan/worm? What is its exact purpose? I felt that sometime I'm not able to access net after disabling it in COMODO. Can u...
  20. niku_19jan


    hi al while surfing net, suddenly a error occured saying svchost.exe has encountered some problem. a problem has been detected & windows has been shut down PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA SO HELP GUYS.....
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