1. ssdivisiongermany1933

    [Praise] Western digital and F1 services

    I purchased western digital caviar blue 500 GB in January 2012 but it started giving problems few days back and finally I found that it has many bad sectors , So I decided to RMA the drive , Created the RMA from western digital website and choose drive to give at drop point location in delhi...
  2. d6bmg

    Have 2 chassis options, which one to get between Shinobi XL & 650D?

    Getting these following options: Bitfenix Shinobi XL @10.8K and as a surprise, Corsair 650D @8.5K <Their first lot of 650D in India> Which one should I get?
  3. vickybat

    E3 2012: Sony next big surprise?

    Sony has claimed that it has a big surprise this E3 and its not playstation 4. :shock: Source
  4. Desmond

    Take This Lollipop...A new Facebook phenomenon.

    Take This Lollipop This is awesome creativity!!! This guy is a genius. Its an interactive movie starring YOU. I cannot reveal more and spoil the surprise. See for yourself. Thank me later. ;) PS: Flash Required
  5. vickybat

    Corsair Carbide 300R review

    That's right people. Corsair has once again unleashed another beauty for the entry level ( arguably) market. But it offers all the features of high end cabinets and inherits corsair's legendary build and feel. It boasts a tool-free design and its no surprise. Though price is a bit steep at the...
  6. Psychosocial

    Happy Birthday to KPowerMania and amit.

    Happy Birthday Kid! :D ------------------------------------------ Ok so tomorrow is my b'day. My family dosent follow the surprise method. I name them a gadget <25k and they buy it for me. Totally confused this time. Please suggest me. No gaming consoles please :).
  7. bharathbala2003

    can u suggest the approx fare?

    hey guys.. i have been to bombay quite a few times.. but i moslty travel from the airport to borivilli station.. otherwise in prepaid taxi's.. my parents moved in from surat to mumbai last month.. n i want to make a surprise visit.. i want to know how much will the auto fare be.. to get to...
  8. gauravakaasid

    Da GODS smiled at me today!!!

    Hiya people.........was shocked today mornin when i logged onto the net and fired up utorrent... surprise surprise, discovered am downloading at close to 2.3MBps!! :shock: nuff said...let the pics do the talkin :D Shot at 2007-07-07 and this Shot at 2007-07-07 waddya say guys...
  9. V

    Another Star has born!!

    Hello!! In the Horizon of the Linux Distros another star has come to delight the Linux enthusiast.. Granular Linux.0.90 based on PCLinux OS is clearly the one of the eye handy and pleasant surprise pack of both kde and xfce combine.. Here see the screenhot here...
  10. napster007

    great speeds!!!

    hey guys i recently got a new mtnl connection. its a triband unlimited 256 plan. according to this plan i should get transfer speeds of 45-max60 kbps. but to my surprise when i use utorrent i get speeds upto 200kbps. here are some screenshots. can someone explain??
  11. kalpik

    AOL AVS new release (now Vista compatible)

    Was just trying out AOL AVS, and noticed something.. The file gets downloaded from this directory: And surprise surprise! Its got a new file there upon installing which, it says v6.0.2.621 Ss listed on...
  12. R

    Eleven Digit Mobile Number??????

    I was dialing an airtel phone number, but mistakenly added an extra '0' in the middle of the number, making it a eleven digit number, and to my surprise that was a working number!! Are there any eleven digit mobile numbers too???
  13. Sykora

    Motorola unleashes RIZR, and sleek, light, affordable F3

    |SOURCE| Motorola unleashed the latest in their ultra sleek and low end phone series. Called the Motofone F3, it's priced at $50, which should come to about 2250-2500 Rupees. It's very light on features, but it does what a phone's supposed to do. My only gripe is that it's B&W. It also...
  14. nagarjun_424

    Surprise for all!

    Ok.... Here is a surprise for all. First came gmail with its massive 2GB email. We were all astonished... Shocked... Then came with 30GB of mail storage.... We all wondered what to do with 30GB of storage... now..... here is a bigger shock..... hold your breath.... what if I told you...
  15. mail2and

    mac os 10.3 "panther" on pear pc(pics inside)

    Hi, i tried to run mac os 10.3 "panther" on my PEE CEE using pear pc... i tried cherry os.. but since cherry os only suppots .iso images... and i had a .img image.... i decided to use pear pc i used this pearpc control panel..... and voila! i was on mac! mac os is so easy that even a...
  16. club_pranay

    MS AntiSpyware

    MS AntiSpyware hangs while updating, what should i do? a hanging MS product- no surprise
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