1. patkim

    Looking for a laptop, basic config. Please suggest

    Looking for a laptop, basic config. Please suggest. Thanks. 1) What is your budget? < 20000 INR 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Screen size 12 to 14 should be enough 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Everyday...
  2. bssunilreddy

    Will Seasonic S12II 520w support Intel Core i5 4670S(Haswell) ?

    Hai, I just want to know whether Seasonic S12II 520w support Intel Core i5 4670S Processor or not(Haswell) ? Please reply... Thanks, bssunil
  3. C

    Cheapest graphic card for old pc with HDMI card support!!

    I want to add a Graphic card with HDMI port in my Old HP s3560 slimline PC so that i can connect it to HDMI samsung TV Please suggest me a cheapest one with hdmi support thanks
  4. S

    Gigabyte Motherboard RAM upgrade 12 GB to 24/48 GB

    I have a 3 year old Gigabyte motherboard Gigabyte X58A-UD7 with three x 4 GB RAM installed. Now when I bought the motherboard 8GB RAMs were not available, so obviously its technical specs tell it can only use 24 GB RAM. Now they are available. I would like to know whether I can...
  5. P

    MP3 player with .flac file support

    Hello guys, I am looking forward to buy a MP3 player which should be the best in providing output sound. Since I know that sound in .flac format are the best, so I am looking for a MP3 player with .flac file support. In case there is a MP3 player with the beast of output sound but doesn't...
  6. Cyberghost

    Microsoft Ending Mainstream Support on Windows 7 at 2015

    RIP, Windows 7 its time to die, with the transition to windows 8 occurred. Microsoft published an update on its support site on Tuesday with a list of products reaching the end of their Mainstream Support life cycles in the coming months, including Windows Server 2008, Exchange Server 2010 and...
  7. K

    Help needed..... installing OPEN-WRT in Western DIgital ROuter mynet n750....

    Hello guys, I got WD mynet n750 Dual band Router ... But i got stuck while installing Open WRT to it...( It doesn't support DD-wrt but it does support open wrt) Sorry Im "Technically" illiterate ....:mrgreen: so I really need to know the process step by step and like a child ..... I...
  8. S

    Need Help buying a sub-2k wireless modem(adsl)

    Need Help buying in a wireless modem(adsl) under 2000 Hey guys i'll be needing a new adsl router in a few days and i want to have some advice on buying the right router for me. I'll be using mtnl internet most probably if not, airtel. My house has 5 rooms 2 Halls and only one floor. 1. I'll...
  9. K

    Need Motherboard for AMD FX CPU

    Hello i need a mobo in less than 4k which should have AM3+ FX (6300/4300 series) support Also it should have upto 1600 ddr3 ram support and on board graphics will be good option. ASUS M5A97 r2.0: it is AM3+, also supports 1600 ram but costlier at 7k and no vga too. GA-78LMT-S2...
  10. ghantaukay

    Want to update my ipad2 to iOS7

    I have downloaded iOS7 update onto my pc and its in my downloads file. How do I update my iPad2 to the new OS (iOS7) by using the download ( a 1 GB file). When I try to update from my iPad, the download gets interrupted when its half way through and the update fails. That is why I downloaded the...
  11. ZTR

    LG Optimus G Pro or Sony Xperia Z?

    So I want to buy a new phone under 23K and I have shortlisted these two LG Optimus G Pro Pros:Good screen,32 GB internal memory,physical buttons Cons:Too big,Not much dev support (as in ROMs) Sony Xperia Z Pros:Good dev support,small(compared to G Pro) Cons:Screen :( ,onscreen buttons So...
  12. H

    PSU suggestion

    i have an i3 3220 processor and iball lpe223 400 psu i want to put a new graphics card like hd 7770 or r7 250 will psu support - - - Updated - - - i have searched everywhere on the net it says that my psu is 400w is it correct? - - - Updated - - - how does the W get used?
  13. S

    In-the-ear Headphone for Xperia U.

    I am planing to buy a new headphone for my Xperia U as my old sony headphone which was came "on the box" with the mobile is lost. As i head that Xperia U supports CITA standrad 3.5 jack. So I am a bit confused to buy a new headphone that it will support my Xperia U or not. My preferences are:-...
  14. P

    Android pwrd PC vs windows/mac

    Allright if the title dosent explain,with devices such as HP slate 21 all in one,Hp slatebook x2,slatebook 14,lenovo ideapad a10 coming or jumping into market what do you think IS Android capable of mainstream usage?or You support it in your mobile? and support the fact of only...
  15. akhilc47

    Best Gamepad for FIFA

    I've two options f310 and xbox wired controller. Which one will serve better for fifa? And what about support to other games? Let's say racing games.
  16. ithehappy

    S5 or M8?

    Okay, buying one coming Tuesday or Wednesday. Now which one would you get? By S5 I obviously don't mean the sh!t Exynos one. This is how I sorted out positives and negatives for both, S5: + Better camera. I am not even going to the comparison with M8. + Better size, and overall grip...
  17. ankushkool

    32" LED LCD TV WiFi and good Video format support

    I am looking for 2 main features. 1. Wide array for video support (*.avi, *.mkv, *.mov, *.mp4, *.mpeg, *.mpg, *.wmv) 2. WiFi/DLNA support to play images/video from smartphones/tablets (Not sure about videos) Budget: Upto 40k Below are few I likes but the features dont give the details I want...
  18. S

    Developer Support

    Is developer support a factor for buying a phone? If we take example as Moto G it has a active xda page but phones of companies like micromax, lava,etc doest even have a dedicated xda page... I think developer support is a major factor as, now I own a 2 year old Transformer TF101... Asus left...
  19. S

    32" ; Full HD TV ; Max 35k ;

    Hi All, Planning to get a 32 " full Hd TV for my home. I am not very familiar with the TV market or the best VFM products. - Plasma is better when compared with LED & LCD. Should i go for that ? - Might convert it to a gaming TV later (PS4 or Xbox). - Would like to see all codec support and...
  20. ajayritik

    Need 2 TB External HDD

    I need a 2 TB External HDD. It will be dual purpose 1. To Connect it to my LED TV for watching videos etc 2. Taking backup of my personal collection like photos and videos With regards to option 1 I'm not sure if the TV would support 2 TB External HDD. 2 years back I bought WD 1 TB to connect...
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