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Want to update my ipad2 to iOS7


Broken In
I have downloaded iOS7 update onto my pc and its in my downloads file. How do I update my iPad2 to the new OS (iOS7) by using the download ( a 1 GB file). When I try to update from my iPad, the download gets interrupted when its half way through and the update fails. That is why I downloaded the update to my pc. I need to update because my ipad does not support Magzter which requires iOS6 and above. Till a month ago, I used to get my subscribed magazines without any problems. Now I have a couple of magazines which I am not being able to download on to my iPad 2...I get a message which says...Update your application. When I try to do that it says that my iPad does not support the newest version of Magzter and I need to get iOS6 or above in order to do so.....
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