1. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on 2 TB External HDD

    My friend plans to buy a 2 TB External HDD. What are the options for him? Main purpose is to store personal photos , videos etc. I was suggesting WD but not sure which exact model to go for? Can someone please guide on the same?
  2. bhushan2k

    Gaming rig for friend..35-40k

    his rig cost (local shop at lamington): intel 3570k 14000 asrock z77 extreme 4 10000 gskill ripjaws 8gb 1866mhz 4800 seasonic 520w 80 plus bronze 4200 sapphire radeon 7770 8100 nzxt 2900 ocz vertex 3 60gb 3450 my view: m suggesting him to not go for overclockable need as of...
  3. S

    Need IEM with MIC around 1.5K

    Hi all, Need your help in suggesting me an IEM with MIC around 1.5K. Thanks
  4. D

    topic for thesis

    plz guys help me. I am a student of M.Tech 1st year Computer Science Deptt. and I need a topic for my thesis can you plz help me by suggesting some current and worthy topics for my thesis... thanks in advance
  5. Blue Ripazah

    switching broadband connection

    AIRTEL S**KS my broad band usage limit has been reduced to 10 gb per month from 50 gb in a year and airtel is refusing to give me my plan back instead they are suggesting me to get an expensive plan ....can anybody suggest me any alternatives to airtel i live in delhi.......... please...
  6. V

    Switch ???

    Any suggestions for a 8 port switch for this config of networking where any computer can share files or play games with any computer according to this config and plz read this before suggesting ... It has all the requirements ... Price point 1-1.5k ...
  7. MatchBoxx

    ** All USB EVDO/HSDPA (3.5G) data cards or modems queries here **

    Moderator edit: I've created a general thread for Datacard queries. Instead of using the word 3G, it is better to use UMTS/HSDPA for GSM and EVDO for CDMA. 3G is a generic term which comprises of 3rd generation technologies. Better to be specific. -- Hi, i need to purchase a USB DataCard to...
  8. J

    note regarding gigabyte 880gma-ud2h

    it is not available anywhere. plz stop suggesting it.
  9. veddotcom

    Best Mobile Under 8k

    I Want to Buy NOKIA Handset Under Rs 8000. Help me out by Suggesting me the Best Option.. Thanks..
  10. ajooba215

    help suggesting pc config

    guys...i wanna upgrade my pc now...and my budget wud go to 15k for proc, mb, ram and gfx card...but i want you guys to suggest a combination which would at least make the games run at lower settings if i could not get money for gfx card...
  11. ajai5777

    How to block a program from accessing internet with out using firewall?

    I want to block a particular program from accessing internet.Also i dont want to use any firwall. Help me by suggesting any small program for that or any registry settings Program is Folder lock 6 :smile:
  12. C

    Guide To Buy 9600-9800 Or HD4830-HD4850

    I am planning to buy a new graphic card for my pc in next 15 preference r 9600 or 9800 chipset for nvidia & HD4830 or HD4850 for budget is around Rs7600..........plz help me out by suggesting a card making most of my money........plz do specify approx price, model...
  13. C

    need help guys !!!!

    heeyaaaaa mates!!!!! I just completed my Engg in Computers & looking for masters (abroad) well can u help me by suggesting some good streams & sites where I can get information about courses
  14. moshel

    ULTIMATE EARS SUPER.FI 3 Studio or SHURE E2c?????

    I am confused between the two earphones. Reviews for both are equally good. Some suggesting the UE as being better and some suggesting the Shures. I am planning to spend around $100 - $110 (including shipping) for new earphones. please suggest me what would be better. I will use these...
  15. utsav

    Adware suggesting to download spyware remover!!!!

    My Pc got infected by a adware which is suggesting me to download spyware remover .It automatically set up this warning wallpaper on my desktop :lol: So i scanned my system with Spybot search and destroy to remove it but there was none!!! Seems a good adware :D Digg it See Post
  16. N

    suggest a good external tv tuner for laptop

    Hello friends i want external tv tuner which has a good recording capability, on hdd or cd many of the guys here r suggesting Pinnacle but i came to know that there r after sales service problems, i stay in vashi, navi mumbai, on eof my friends suggesting intex from rashi pheripherals, which...
  17. ayushman9

    Help me in upgrading pc

    Hey friends ,a close friend of mine want to upgrade his pc ,the older one is a celeron 600 mhz with riva tnt2 . As the cabinet itself is not compatible so a New CPU is must needed ie buying from scratch ( i mean the cpu box,to the optical drive ) .Now the LOCAL assembler is a fake and is...
  18. Pravas

    Help Buying Me A Phone

    First thing ,if Gprs internet will Be fast =256kbs this or the comming 2-3 yrs. If yes then please suggest me latest GPRS class enabled handset. MY specification:- Should have everything. Must Have:- Music:-Mp3,AAC,Mp4(Must). Display:- Biggest screen possible. If you can suggest me some...
  19. pritzdj

    Need help for my project using Java Programming

    I m a student, i need a help for my Annual project work using a java program.... i designed couple of projects but these r not running properly..... Anyone plz help me out and suggesting me some of the programs....... ASAP
  20. S

    PHP Book

    i want to learn PHP, so start suggesting a book, while suggesting keep in mind i dont know a thing and want to learn from the scratch. i had asked earlier but i cant find that topic or i cant seem to search properly
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