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  1. Akintex

    i want to buy a lptop aprox 25 k which best disply pls sugest.

    i want to buy a lptop aprox 25 k which best disply pls sugest. i need - best display for text ,and and image editing ,coding. i can ignore- speed, hdd and ram 2 gb is enough for me.

    Want to buy headset(earphone+mic) for samsung champ

    hi guys,i want to buy a headset for DAILY HARD USE .....My budget is upto 700+-........plz sugest me 1.....thanx 4 replies in advance...! .....
  3. A

    Best z77 motherboard !!! Help needed!!

    hey guyz iam fed up with my motherboard that is intel dh67bl coz it cant overclock my i5 2500k ,so please sugest me a good z77 motherboard for 8.5k thank u.
  4. B

    Need a new cabinet

    Hi!my system specs are given in my signatr..i have an iball psu and 2 80mm fans,a fd,an optical drive along wid it.. I have a frontech caby.. I want to buy a new good caby..my budget is 1.2k max..pls sugest..
  5. Blue Ripazah

    Suggest me a netbook for law student

    Hi guys my cousin needs a netbook just for case studying and surfing the internet ...plz sugest a good netbook ...or shud he buy a notebook ..
  6. Bhav

    AMD or Intel

    I want to buy a new processor which one is best for me plzzz sugest AMD Phenom X6 1100T or intel core i7 - 2600k
  7. ashishnehete

    Is This config proper

    I have decide to go for building this rig but iam nt sure about what will go togethere and their cost in mumbai plz also recomend the missing components Intel i7 920-14400/- MSI X58 PRO-E-11400/- 3 GB corsair dominator 1600MHz DDR3-4400/-(nt sure about this) Seagate 1TB 7200-4000/- Saphire...
  8. M

    free audio cd ripper

    can anyone sugest a free ripper
  9. Adhip007

    Ruby Compiler & Books

    Can someone sugest good books to learn Ruby & Its compilers
  10. voggu

    sugest me a java compiler in linux

    sugest me a java compiler in linuxsugest me a java compiler in linuxsugest me a java compiler in linuxsugest me a java compiler in linuxsugest me a java compiler in linuxsugest me a java compiler in linuxsugest me a java compiler in linuxsugest me a java compiler in linuxsugest me a java...
  11. S

    Need mobo n procy.urgent

    hey guys..i just bought the folowing..now just waitin to buy mobo n proc..budget 13k around..plz sugest..i was thinkin of E6550 + xfx 650i ultra..or anythin in amd? 8800GT,2Gb trans,coolmaster 500w,liton dvd writer,250gb hdd,samsung 932NW 19 inch. need a nice decent combo..plz sugest..gota buy...
  12. Shasanka_Gogoi

    How can I disable USB LOCK APP v2.5

    Hi guys... our administrator has installed this stupid software on all our PC's and now we can't use our USB drives.. Can u all sugest me a way to disable it... even the task manager has been disabled on all the pc's thanks
  13. V

    Require Free Antivirus

    hi i am working in one organization and it rquire antivirus software i need free antivirus softwares sugest name if any Thanks in advance
  14. L

    Sugest a ear phone

    i recently got transcend mp3 player (T-sonic 610). Please sugest me a good ear phone for my mp3 player. please specify model no and price
  15. L

    graphics card

    sugest me graphics card(agp),within 6k
  16. U

    Professional Autorun

    Hi friends! I needed a bit help. I want to create great autoruns like those of microsoft cd's or games. Can you help me? Do u have any tutorial? Can u sugest me a program for it?
  17. A

    Best Blog

    Hey guyz... i am planning to start my own Bolg .. Please sugest the best site for the same.
  18. R

    Sugest me a laptop configuration.

    Sugest me a laptop configuration that suports for,broadband connection , windows VISTA including drivers.(within R.S.50000 mean ok.).
  19. jay4u

    Help choosing for Dual Monitors

    I want to go the Dual monitor way... i have my recommendations.... please have a look and sugest me the graphics card and monitor and the approx costs..... monitors need to be 17"..... i thinking of samsug 17" Magicbright series flat CRT graphics card... range is 8-10 k... should have dual...
  20. jay4u

    sugest a good 19" monitor

    my cousin is planning for a 19" CRt monitor or 17" LCd monitor or widescreen.. since i dont know much about the options please sugest the models with approx price... My needs 1. CRt 19" with 1600 x 1200 resolution may be flat but not compulsion for gaming and multimedia or 2. LCD 17" which...
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