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  1. assasin

    wat fone sud i buy????

    guys at present i'm using a Nokia 5500 and i used Airtel MO for surfing and D/L'ing getting speeds of 18-25kBps. i've seen that Nokia 6110/6120 has EDGE Class 32 which sud theoritically give speeds of 296kbps (37kBps). will buying this fone inc my D/L speeds? also when will these fones be...
  2. ankushkool

    sud i buy AMD or Intel

    i need a processer+motherboard within price range of 15,000 to 20,000... what sud i go for. i hav heard it is better 2 go 4 a higher AMD then a lower cost Core2duo plez help
  3. ankushkool

    which is the best cell 4 music?

    is de sony walkman series better or de nokia music series. where does nokia 3250 stand as picture quality is also imp. :confused: it sud be in de range of (Rs. 10,000 to 15,000)
  4. assasin

    Need new tuner card

    Hi! i've a Pinnacle PCTV Stereo (get detected as 100i in vista) tv tuner card.i'm selling it off and want to buy a new tv tuner card.my present tuner card works perfectly with Vista nad Media Center in Vista Ultimate. So plz suggest a tv tuner card which sud hav compatibility with Vista and sud...
  5. Manshahia

    Which software for DVD movies??

    i want to plzy DVD files and .DAT files in linux.. Which software sud i use??
  6. Manshahia

    Registry cant b edited! Y? ?

    When i type regedit, it shows registry is disabled by administrator but i m using administrator account. Wat sud i do? Plz help.
  7. Manshahia

    What to do to become a successfulk programmer

    What to do to become a successful programmer Hi guys can u plz give some tips to become a Successful programmer? On what he sud put more pressure? Etc etc etc.....
  8. ravi_9793

    how to design a flash website

    frnds,........ I want to design a flash based website...which software sud I use.The website sud look completly professional......
  9. assasin

    Sud i Upgrade?????

    Guys my rig's config is: AMD Athlon X2 3800+ Asus M2N-MX Hynix 1GB DDR2 667 (OC to 800) 160 GB WD Caviar SATA II Asus 6600LE 256MB PCI-E Bought it bout a month back and i'll buy DX-10 gfx card when d prices drop a little. My OS is Windows Vista RTM and i play all d latest games. Sud i...
  10. sysfilez

    My System Freezes :-(

    after i added a new hard drive Sata II 160Gb from seagate, my system freezes sometimes, previously i never had any probs. this happens when i am extracting huge rar files (5 gb size), it happned wen i tried to install a s/w somewat size 4gb once again. it also hanged twice when i ran disk...
  11. iinfi

    what to burn?

    i downloaded gentoo live CD form gentoo website. now there are 4 files in my HDD sud i burn all 4 files to the cd? sud i select burn image to disk?
  12. T

    really confused!! need ur help geeks..

    i m really confused whether i sud go for a cabinet with inbuilt PSU or i sud purchase it seperately....r d PSUs which come with cab. r worth ...i m looking for 500W psu ...... any cab. has this PSU??? wht d price.... which brand???
  13. A

    Free Reliable And Free Web-Hosting

    Hello, I am looking for a Good and relieble free host which can atleast provide me with 100mb webspace. And can rpovide direct domain hosting rather then sud domain hosting. Also should atleast have 2GB Bandwidth limit. Waiting for a quick response.
  14. iinfi

    !!! Help !!!

    hi i m new to PHP .... plz tell more abt it ... its a server side scripting ... i know that .. which sever sud i use to deploy PHP .... where can i get the compiler ... plz help thanks
  15. iinfi

    which yahoo messsenger PLZ HELP......

    i v recently installed SuSe 9.1 personal edition from Digit DVD Sug'04 i wud like to know which yahoo messenger i sud install yahoo website gives 3 options yahoo messenger for RedHat 6.x RedHat 7.x RedHat 8.0 RedHat 9 yahoo messenger for Debian Linux yahoo...
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