1. D

    Need new LED for 40-50 k

    1. Budget -40-50K 2. Display type and size? 40"-43" 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Movies & Football 4. Ports Required? normal 5. Preferred choice of brand? Sony or LG , I wud like TV to be long lasting 6. Any TV/monitor in consideration? 7. Any other info that you want to share. Sud I...
  2. D

    mobile 12-15 k android

    hi planning to buy a mobile around 12 k ....i love music so i want a mobile which suit my need...i really dont knw what sud i opt for...few say go 4 samsung in chennai...where should i buy ?? thanks in advance :)
  3. S

    Suggest a DDR3 Mobo For 955BE

    Plz suggest a good motherboard for AMD phenom II X 4 955 BE. he mobo sud have --- 1. Budget not exceed from Rs.5000. 2. DDR3 ram supported with 4 ram slot. 3. It sud be decent overclocker.
  4. R

    Best Allrounder SE Phone at 20k

    Hi All, I m planning to purchase the best allrounder SE phone. I m looking for 1)Top class sound quality 2)Top class camera 3)Good looks 4)I sud b able to send and recieve E-mails. 5)I sud b able to browse websites Budget-20k I have K850i,C902 & W902 in mind. Please help Thanks
  5. H

    cant decide wat to buy....i'm upgrading again :D

    Hi ppl... its been a loooooong time since i last upgraded my current rig (config in sig) is being sold by next week end. i've bout 41k (at max 50k but its better if i keep it within 42-43k). 1st i thought i'll get Core i7 920 by December but from wat intel i got bout pricing,its gonna...
  6. N

    which headfone to buy??

    have bought a new laptop and need to buy a good headfones... saw a sony 0.6K headfones but dont knw how good are they... which headfones sud i buy?
  7. dhanusaud

    P3 Mthbrd Prob.....

    Hello Guys, My neighbour has P3 system, just for his kid. yesterday he changed cabinet but now it doesn't boots up....i mean no power supply at all. I checked all da connectors, found well as they sud be, I myself replugged them but no power supply when I press power button. guys, wht sud be...
  8. H

    which fone to buy after N95 8GB

    hey guys at present i'm using a N95 8GB for the past 4 months and now i wanna try somethin different (read i'm tired of using s60 for more than 2yrs starting frm 6630,5500,N73ME & N95 8GB).so selling off the N95 8GB for 21k. now i wanna try somethin choice r (not in order of...
  9. H

    which is better 17"->1280x720 or 1440x900

    hey guys i'm thinking bout buying a new lcd. i'm looking for a 17" widescreen.i've 2 options: 1>17" wide with 16:10 aspect (1440x900) 2>17"wide with 16:9 aspect (1280x720). both cost bout the which 1 sud i buy?
  10. S

    any digi cam price within 6.5k

    hi, am not sure whther this s the right place to submit ny query.. am thinking of buying a digi cam witin 6.5k... i have some budget constraints so cannot stretch beyond 6.5 k.. so please suggest whic one sud i go for... please provide with the model numbers and if possible the prices...
  11. H

    IP35-E dead.wat to do now

    2day i accidentally killed my 3week old IP35-E.the screw driver slipped from my hand while i was tryin to fix mky modded HSF and chipped out a diode from the PWM area.:( after this when i tried to pwr on the mobo,once it worked fine,but after i oc'd the procy the mobo just wont pwr on. i've...
  12. ankushkool

    AOC vs Viewsonic

    i hav 2 buy a LCD... my budget is around 8000/- which of de two (AOC or Viewsonic) is better 4 gaming??? sud i go 4 17" or 19" plez help thanx
  13. iinfi

    image of my drive

    i want to take a backup of my OS so that if my OS crashes and if i need to format my drive then i sud be able to get back my system as is. ie. i sud be able to get back all the programs installed with the settings without having to go thru the installation all over agian is that possible with...
  14. JohnephSi

    NBA 2006 multiplayer

    Plz help me to play the nba multiplayer game betwn 2 computers using lan I sud be NBA Live 2006.
  15. ankushkool

    probs with utorrent

    i m havin some probs with my utorrent, de speeds are slow, also some times de progress percentage (done %) starts reducing. it shows a yellow triangle at bottom... which says "no incomming connection", n that it sud be green. i even uninstalled my firewall... still no use please help
  16. almighty

    Hindi websites

    Hey mates can any one tell me any website which has hindi fonts .... I want some articles on astrology but that sud be written hi hindi...I googled but no relevant answer i get... please suggest me any blog or website which is purely based on hindi and has lots of content.... It wud be...
  17. ankushkool

    'MicrosoftPowerpoint.exe' virus!!!

    my usb has this virus, its not removed even if i format it what sud i do???
  18. Manshahia

    Mobile fell into water...

    mah frnds mobile nokia 6030 fell into water today... wat sud we do now?
  19. assasin

    MotoROKR E6! sud i buy it???

    hi guys! at present i'm using a Nokia 5500 and i'm thinking of upgrading.i've a budget of 15k max,the lower the wat fone sud i buy? is the Motorola A1200 @ 11.5k or E6 @ 13.5k a good buy?since i've been using S60 OS9.1 fone,will these fones give me something more?plz help me to decide...
  20. sysfilez

    Vista Ultimate hardware problem

    Last day i installed vista ultimate, i have a SB Live 5.1 DE sound card, i tried all means but its not getting installed. wat sud i do? drivers for vista is also not available. pls help.
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