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Sound issues and Repos. problem in openSUSE-12.3


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Hi all,I have successfully Downloaded and Installed openSUSE-12.3(64-bit) onto my Desktop PC system.

Everything is running and functioning normally,except for two Problems:

1). Sound is not playing in normal user desktop(KDE-4 or LXDE or GNOME) but is playing well in ADMIN. (Root or su) user desktop.


Is there any way to play sound on normal user desktop?

My Motherboard is: BIOSTAR TA785GE 128M
"alsa" is fully installed with updates.

Under Phonon - KDE Control Module:

  • Built-in Audio Analog Stereo is represented in shadow form.Means passive
  • But RV710/730 HDMI Audio [Radeon HD4000 series] Digital Stereo(HDMI) is represented as normal without any shadow.Means active.

2). Added successfully repo list from community repos. through YAST settings.
But some repos(Webcam devices,LXDE repos,libdvdcss repos,Java Packages repos,Banshee repos.) failed to download and get added + activated.
How to successfully add + activate them ?

Please Help me Friends.



Indian Railways - The Vibrant and Moving INDIA
No replies yet!!
I just can't turn on the sound at my normal user desktop of openSUSE-12.3

Please,Help Friends...


Indian Railways - The Vibrant and Moving INDIA
As no one has replied yet,I request the Mods. to close this Thread.
Thanks everyone.

Requesting to CLOSE THIS THREAD by System admins. + mods.

I haven't got any answer yet,and I am not using openSUSE-12.3,because of its sound issues...

Thanks TDF Friends.


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Firstly, I don't think that people use openSuse on this forum anymore. Secondly, the official OpenSuse forum will help you a lot instead of us. If you had posted there, you would've got the answer within 30 minutes.
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