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  1. chicha

    X Box 360 :)

    we successfully flashed the X-Box 360. :) and its working properly too. :)
  2. forever

    Cd Writer Trouble :(

    i have a samsung combo drive (reads DVD + writes CDs) which is almost 3 year old now , the problem with the drive is that it is not able to write any cd or even format any cd, i use ashampoo and if i insert a RW cd to erase , it shows erase completed successfully but all the stuff is still there...

    633 error on dialup connection

    my os is xp sp2.I am using airtel gprs connection with nokia 3220.In first attempt(when comp starts) it will successfully connected, but few hours later there will be no data receieving.Then I reconnect my gprs connection, but gives error 633...
  4. mak1012

    c++, java and more

    sorry, i dint find any right thread for these questions. 1- i have have installed fedora 4 in my machine, now i want to run c++, and java so can you tell me from where i'll get those and how i'll install them??????? 2- I successfully installed realplayer 10 gold (.rpm format)in my OS but...
  5. T

    Help me I am going mad!!!

    My DVD writer and CD Drive both can't be found I installed Nero7 and restarted then see what happened. When I go to the device manager and double click on the drives it shows: Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41) See...
  6. R

    C++ ed

    I have started to program in C++ again ! (teaching students is a hectic job but useful in getting back to basics :wink:) I have Borland C++ 5.02 (very old version) and Borland C++ Builder (never installed or used) and Visual Studio 2005 (any programmer is INCOMPLETE without this). I wonder...
  7. dreams

    Mysql Installation Problem..

    Hello all.. I am learning Php, Apache & Mysql on my own.. So d/l all 3 and successfully installed Apache and Php and both works fine.. Now i want to install n setup or configure Mysql.. but i am unable to do it.. i d/l this version mysql-5.0.16-win32.zip.. and installed it successfully...
  8. Vishal Gupta

    How can we know : How much RAM can the system support?

    Guys! Is there ne s/w to know How much RAM can a system support? I mean How can I know that how much RAM my motherboard supports? There should be some s/w, which can tell us after detecting the system h/w that how much RAM we can install successfully?
  9. J

    D-Link Internal modem users

    I tried about 6 linux distributions But only 2 (Xandros and ELxLinux) are configured my modem and Now i can use internet Have anyone successfully install D-Link internal modem in other OSs (Fedora,MAndrake....)and using. Plz post replies
  10. S

    Installing BitDefender problem..

    Hi! Friends, I tried installing BitDefender in SuSE 9.1 from the DIGIT DVD from YaST. But, whenever, I try to install the .rpm file, the following error comes up. Now, since I have installed LINUX and know almost nothing, plz tell me what should I do to remove these errors and install...
  11. K

    NFSUG problem

    Hi guys, I've got AMD Athlon XP 2400+, ASUS's A7V266-MX board, 256 MB DDR RAM, 100GB HD (20+80), Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 card. The problem is that whenever I start the Game NFSUG, as soon as the race starts, just after 2-3 secs. , the games exits to desktop without giving any error. I've...
  12. H

    Norton Antivirus query ..

    My PC is Intel Pentium 4, 2.4Ghz, 845GV Chipset, 256 HDD RAM and has an onboard graphics card. I was played NFS Underground 2 on my pc and successfully played it, i also quit the game successfully, but after quitting i saw that on the desktop Norton Antivirus had started scanning my full system...
  13. bizzare_blue

    Problem with driver.cab

    I was trying to install Windows XP on my laptop (Aci ethos V) but then an error popped up saying "Cannot copy driver.cab". I chose the option to skip this file n XP was installed successfully except 4 the fact that it had probs with graphics, sound, USB and PCI communication Device.What shoud I...
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