1. I

    Windows 7 boot problem

    I was using windows 7 ultimate 32bit which got slow suddenly..i restarted it & it got stuck at "starting windows" windows was no success. tried to reinstall with dvd.chose ultimate 64bit.previous installations took 3-4 hrs but this time "saving windows files" took 9hr.installation was...
  2. harshilsharma63

    Real Racing 3 not working after update

    Hi. I got an update for Real Racing 3 and I installed it. But since then it just crashes on start. Is anyone else facing this problem? I'm on Lollipop 5.0.2 using a 2015 Moto G. I have tried re-installing it twice but no success.
  3. N

    [Video Feedback] Project FRS(Motivational)

    Hi guys, I just decided to make a video to motivate the one's who are feeling low,depressed,faced failure etc. This is the first half of it...Failure & Why do we fall. What do you think about it? Some addition? Deletion? Shortening etc? +ve/-ve feedback? Thanks...
  4. P

    What are the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS that you've learned in LIFE? + RESOURCE Centre

    DELETE THIS please.
  5. tkin

    [Discussion]An Interesting Trend in the High End Mobile Market!!

    Hey guys, now as all you know I had suffered a lot in the hands of micromax, but when the A116 came out I was tempted to buy it, but the horrific thoughts of running to service center kept me away from it, now I was reading some comments here: Micromax A116 Canvas HD - User opinions and reviews...
  6. P

    how to translate japanese print to english?

    i have a Japanese book about model making, tried various ways on the net to get it translated to english--so far no success. can anybody suggest me a way out?=pravin
  7. vickybat

    PS3 10% Ahead of 360 This Year Worldwide, 'Strong Contender' to Take Second Place

    Yes guys you read it right. Finally ps3 is set to prove what it committed in the start of this console generation. From its initial lackluster sales to a huge exclusive base, the ps3 has come a long way. Many critics doubted the ps3 in the beginning and big developers like VALVE even cited...
  8. J

    Disk defrag not working

    I tried defragmenting my hard disks but just the console pops up and nothing happens.. I’m using a Microsoft XP Home Edition [sp #3] (genuine) ….I have tried the possible ways --- Tried to defrag using the command mode (says windows cannot connect to the defrag engine) --- Used Safe...
  9. toofan

    Hustler. Many Many Happy Returns of The Day Dear!

    I wish my Friend a Very warming, successful and enjoyable life ahead in his life. May He be whatever he wants and get success in it. Happy Birthday Anuj. :clap2: We all love you.
  10. A

    Proposal for Online promotional partner of Infotsav 09

    Respected Sir/Madam, This is with regards to the annual techno-management fest of Atal Bihari Vajpayee - Indian Institute of Information Technology (ABV-IIITM) Gwalior, Infotsav 09. This year the event is scheduled to be held from 6th - 8th March 2009. Known for its innovative and...
  11. hellknight

    Hybrid Graphics Headache

    My friend recently purchased this Asus board with 780G chipset featuring onboard HD 3200. He also invested in HD 3450 graphics card with AMD 4200+ X2 processor.. Now the problem is that we tried every trick in the sleeve to enable the hybrid graphics on his system.. we even downloaded the latest...
  12. G

    wanted bloggers for my site

    this is a genuine request from all people (bloggers) out here and not a spam. I have a site "techunknown" , which is getting good traffic and has tremendous potential and even got PR1 without any work for 5 months. I want some bloggers atleast 4-5, specialised in their own area like gaming...
  13. H

    Spell SUCCESS!

    Yer, ever wondered how to spell SUCCESS... Check this image ;)
  14. abhi.eternal

    Help me to play ::Dirty::

    in our office, almost everything is blocked on the floor (even digit was blocked but now its OK). i tried with success for some days. even that is blocked now! please help me to access sites like deezer, orkut, gmail chat (gmail works without chat though) etc.
  15. Cool G5

    Linux is NOT Windows

    If you've been pointed at this page, then the chances are you're a relatively new Linux user who's having some problems making the switch from Windows to Linux. This causes many problems for many people, hence this article was written. Many individual issues arise from this single problem, so...
  16. santu_29

    a mail i received..

    i was there in ur CITY for a few days while touring all INDIA i ven't touched u i came to know a little bit abt ur CITY some r mentioned below ............................................................. ...
  17. R

    Uregent essay wanted plz help

    i want an essay on the role of parents in the success of students plz help bfore 5pm today plllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  18. T

    Needs current statistic!

    What is the current statistic on the success rates of software projects? What steps can be taken to improve the success rate? Any idea reply me! ______________________
  19. V

    Connecting PC ???

    I want to connect two PC's together. I have the LAN cable, i have tried connecting two PC together many times, but i have no success. Please help me & please give me a detailed procedure...! Thank You Vineet
  20. webgenius

    Microsoft says Google success was "wake-up call"

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