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  1. T

    Guys M planning to build Pc nd budget is 50k to 60k INR

    Yea I would like to play recent games nd future games at least mid settings nd yes I do sum software related to mechanical like... Autocad, solid works, pro-e... Yea, my budget is 50k but let's goes till 60k INR no problems but the whole stuffs have to come below 60k only.. nd over clock, lol...
  2. ithehappy

    Kindly suggest me a video editing app

    Hi I need a video editing app, with which I can modify a video and block some part with white/black boxes.....I don't know how to clearly say it, but as you can see in some YouTube videos that people blocks their personal stuffs while running a video with a white box or something, I need to do...
  3. mikael_schiffer

    Stopping SPAM services on AIRTEL

    I dunno how but i got subscribed to LOVEGURU service. I swear i didnt activate cuz i dont know how to start it in the first place... The service name is AN-MBAROT and it sends my love tips and stuffs I also get regular sms from MM-TRADUS and AN-650004 How do i unsubscribe. By the way they...
  4. A

    cheapest way of stocking large amount of multimedia

    Hi My Multimedia exceeds those of 2tb. Mostly consists of hd series and movies. Now my prob is i need some cheap way of storing the ones which me or my friends might see like once a while. Have almost removed all unwanted stuffs. I think i might have to go for dvds backup. Any good offers for...
  5. Bond_Killer

    how to use credit card in ebay.in ??

    i need help here. I want to buy few stuffs for my microsoft zune like charger & data cable. Please tell me, is it safe to use credit cards to buy stuffs from sites like ebay. I never used credit card before nor aware of any online transactions. Help me.
  6. ithehappy

    Advice me a D-SLR, budget 35k

    Gonna buy tomorrow. If no nonsense happens. Preferred brands: Canon, Nikon. Nothing else. Budget: Rs.35000 Category: Pro D-SLR if available in that range, otherwise Semi type D-SLR. Nothing else matters but still image quality, video recording and stuffs doesn't matter. Just tell me the models...
  7. mikeyaxe

    i5-2400 or AMD X6-1100T BE??

    which one is good for gaming......and other multitasking stuffs....
  8. the.kaushik

    All About Windows 8 | Includes link for download and some funky stuffs

    Guys I have seriously became fan of windows 8 after downloading the developer edition. You can get it here(Try the 2nd link if you are not a developer): Windows Metro Style Apps Developer Downloads Few interstings posts which i got over internet and wanted to share. Here is a list of 300+...
  9. Pragadheesh

    Wireless security get deleted every time

    Hi, I am using BSNL broadband connection with Huwai WA1003A modem cum router. I go to the router IP and set up wireless security like 1) MAC filter - Enabling Access list 2) WPA Security But the next time I connect my computer, I find all the wireless security stuffs to be removed. The...
  10. Q

    Batch Programming

    First of all i m new to this community so i m doing anything wrong plzzz notify me abt that :-| Coming to the point actually i wanted to learn some stuffs about Batch Programming and i cant find any source to learn the basics of how to make the programs on batch so if you know anything about...
  11. D

    Installing XP In USB

    Installing XP from USB My DVD drive is no more.I want to Install XP using my pendrive. I have tried some stuffs by googling it...but nothing worked out fully..
  12. N

    Few Stuffs For Sale.

    // Sorry deleted as images been deleted. WIll create a new one.
  13. Thor

    Which Email client to choose ?

    hey there everybody , I am tired of my gmail account having 1000+ mails! If i need to find something I need to go online and browse and search through whole lot of them before I find anything. SO i want to use an email-client like Outlookexpress and similar tools which could store them...
  14. mikael_schiffer

    Got Nokia 6233, need stuffs now

    Can you guys tell me where i can get Themes,Games and Softwares for Nokia 6233. It is based on Series40 Symbian 3rd Edition. I saw another post by someone about links to find stuffs for mobile downloads, but apperently most of them were duds and the working links lead to useless stuffs. I...
  15. maverick786us

    Online Stores

    Can someone give me links to some of the online stores for purchasing hardware stuffs??
  16. M

    World's Longest URL with unique content - Must Watch

    Well here I present world longest URL: http://thelongestlistofthelongeststuffatthelongestdomainnameatlonglast.com/ In this site you will find really cool information for some of the longest/biggest stuffs along with photos.:cool: Must watch for everyone.:cool: Cheers!!:D Please Post Some...
  17. U

    Wanna buy a gaming LCD Monitor

    I'm looking for an LCD monitor on which I can play games and watch movies as well. My config must meet the requirements: 1. 22" or 24" 2. Aspect Ratio 16:10(preference) or 16:9 3. Contrast Ratio >= 1000:1 4. Screen Resolution: 1920x1200 (only) 5. Preferably no web-cam and other additional...
  18. kerthivasan

    suggestion for downloading interesting things

    hi guys. i am in bsnl home 250 plan i got 600 mb to download so plz give ur suggestion to download interesting stuffs
  19. M

    How to make Money from Blogging and Internet?

    well frnz, apart from Adsense and other ad stuffs how can one make money through blogging in a genuine way? also is there are some genuine stuffs (other than blogging) where one can work from direct home and can earn some good bucks? pls reply wishes - Mrinmay Bhattacharjee a.k.a...
  20. r2d2

    P4, tuner card, sound card, lan card for sale

    I have the following used stuffs for sale. Anybody interested pm me. Delhi(N.C.R) buyers are preferred. I may also exchange the stuffs if I get any suitable deal. 1) Pentium4 1.5 ghz (socket 423) + heatsink 2) Pixelview playtv pro tuner card 3) Realtek LAN card 4) Creative Vibra 128(SB16)...
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