1. l30786

    What should a BCA student be focusing his time/effort on?

    Hello everyone, I am a BCA, 4th semester student in IGNOU (distance education). my current percentage is 50% and I am not expecting above that after I graduate. I am also planning on doing MCA from regular course if I can get into a good college. Since I am doing my current degree from...
  2. B

    laptops under46k

    Hey I want to buy a laptop under 45k I have chosen asus k555lj k metal series should I go for it and also are there any other laptops under 45whicwhich are better ,I am a college student so I will be using it mostly for gaming
  3. G

    Citing rape culture, German prof's refuses to give internship to Indian student

    This piece of news deserves a thread of its own. See this is how our fellow indian males will suffer due to crass stereotyping I mentioned in the Nirbhaya thread. Viral now: Quora query on German prof's refusal to give internship to Indian student Read more at: Viral now: Quora query on...
  4. G

    Free for students!

    Guys as the thread suggests i am a student. I would like to know if there are some really good discounts or even free paid softwares for students. I already am in the DreamSpark program and then have a github student account! I'm mostly into web development(Hosting,Wordpress,Designing...) and...
  5. P

    Laptop under 60k

    I am considering to buy Lenovo Ideapad Z510(i7 varient) (* Will it be a wise choice to buy this laptop? I am on a tight budget of 60k(not even 1 rupee more)...I am a computer engineering student &...
  6. S

    Need a laptop for engineering student under 35000INR

    Hello techies , I wanna buy a laptop near 35k INR . PROCESSOR: Intel core or if performance comparable then i dont mind AMD. RAM-4GB . GRAPHICS: I play gta 4 , sufficient one would b helpful. Battery 3hrs min . Considerable display. Please help me out guys . I'm poor family guy , i've taken a...
  7. Revolution

    Kolkata MetroRail Student Smart Card Eligibility ?

    Hi, Please help the nub! What is the eligibility for Kolkata MetroRail Student Smart Card ? How to apply it ? Is it only applicable school student ? Or student from Govt Diploma College can also get that benefit ? Sorry,could not find any info railway site. And u all know how helpful are railway...
  8. N

    This is really urgent

    guys i order a tv from and they want an id proof for verification ...what should i do . i think this is fraud ..also i am a student and i use my parents debit card ..please reply fast with suggestion thankxx:-(:-(:-(
  9. Revolution

    Free Source of Autocad Tutorial

    Hi, I'm looking for free source to learn Autocad(for beginners). This is for a student of architecture. Please help with ur advise and suggestin.
  10. Revolution

    Looking for help regarding study from Architect Engineering Student

    Hi, I'm looking for suggestion on Architect Engineering Diploma.
  11. mikael_schiffer

    Any Humanities/Arts student?

    When browsing around here I noticed there isnt one soul that took up Arts or plan to do so. I mean, cant non engineering & non 'computering ' be interested in technology? I am an Arts student, graduated with EDucation as my majors. I am sure most of u will be wondering " arey, there is a...
  12. gdebojyoti

    Can non IT or CSE students apply at top tech companies?

    Can non IT/ CSE students apply at top tech companies? Can a student from Electronics and Communications Engineering department apply for a job at one of the top tech companies (like Microsoft, Google and Facebook)? Or is the entry restricted to students from CSE and IT departments only...
  13. velociraptor

    limited wifi data

    hey guys our college is giving us internet access for limited usage of 200mb per day .they have given id and pass to every student who is registering I want to know is there any way so I would b able to use unlimited internet ???because 200mb is too less
  14. velociraptor

    limited wifi

    hey guys our college is giving us internet access for limited usage of 200mb per day .they have given id and pass to every student who is registering I want to know is there any way so I would b able to use unlimited internet ???because 200mb is too less
  15. RCuber

    Budget Gaming Headset for ~2K

    Hey guys, one of my friend is looking for a gaming headset, he is a student and hence the budget is <2K. Please recommend a few options for the same. how is this ? Ozone Attack for 1.7K
  16. Nipun

    Kolkata student booked for "liking" anti-Didi toon.

    Kolkata student booked for :facepalm:
  17. K

    Laptops with Student's Discount

    I was browsing through this forum and learnt that Dell provides 6% students discount on some versions of their laptop. This is very useful info for me as I'm a student and didn't know that I could avail a discount. Are there any other brands or retail outlets that provide a students discount?
  18. harshilsharma63

    Earn money online for student

    Hi, I'm an engineering student and would like to earn some money in my free time. I want to know of some online work through which I can earn some money. Thank You.
  19. chandan3


    hi, i hav just complited wt sould i do nw .MBA,ICWA,networking,animation/vfx,ethical hacking.which is better scope. or guys any gud course after thn ple suggest a days many boys ,girls doing mba ,a b-tech/arts student also doing mba so i m little bit bro n sis...
  20. G

    Multimedia laptop for college student

    Hello everyone ! I'm a college student and I'm a complete dumb at judging between computers based on their price/performance level. One of my buddy recommended to join this forum so as to clear my confusion. As told above I'm a college student so I'm very tight on my budget. But then also I...
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