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Guys as the thread suggests i am a student. I would like to know if there are some really good discounts or even free paid softwares for students.

I already am in the DreamSpark program and then have a github student account!

I'm mostly into web development(Hosting,Wordpress,Designing...) and C++ but if there are any softwares for free to students please let me know!


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Dreamspark contains all that is required by you to develop for Windows ecosystem. And github student account provides you complete package for you to start projects in various open source languages, a domain for one year and even a DigitalOcean account to setup your site freely.

I think together it's too good to learn hosting, setting up sites and many other technologies. Most other programs like IDE's are free. Not sure what more you are looking for.


So as long as we are students it is free and after that it is paid?
FREE for 2 years. Apply again if you're still student after 2 year.

Some services offered in pack have their own time/free credit limits - *
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