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Any Humanities/Arts student?

When browsing around here I noticed there isnt one soul that took up Arts or plan to do so. I mean, cant non engineering & non 'computering ' be interested in technology?
I am an Arts student, graduated with EDucation as my majors. I am sure most of u will be wondering " arey, there is a subject called 'education'?? " why is there a sterotype that only Science and computer students are tech savy. Why are Arts student considered Noob in everything related to modern lifestyle. In my college all Arts students are considered Noob in Counterstrike and Dota, though we are better than them. Why do you 'sciency' people show such prejudice against us administrators and future leaders of the country :-0

OK coming to the purpose of my post. Hehe
Which is the best university and college for M. A in Education ^_^


Wise Old Owl
Don't be surprised.
I'm an Arts student too and an old forum member who at least interested but not be a pro geek.
I play PC games too. :D
Finished BA with History,Education and Sociology.
Now want to do MA through distance education but still confused which subject should I go for.

Hope someone from forum will help you. :)
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